Tomahawk, WI 02/10/2014 (BasicsMedia) – The economic recession of 2008 hit hard many companies and most notably the automotive industry especially Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) which saw its existence and future being torn to shreds. No one could have thought that the industry will one day pick up and reach the heights it has been able to reach in just under 6 years.

 The management team at Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) ought to be given thumbs high for the turnaround that has been seen with Ford. It is only in 2006 that the company was struggling with massive financial challenges forcing it to hock in a bid of raising extra cash.

The plan of doing all that is necessary at all costs seems to have worked, as ford has seen its worst days behind, it picking itself in the market and subsequently registering profits. With the expected launch of its new flagship car brand F-150 things can only get better for the automaker. F-series trucks over the past few years have become have become the number one selling car in America.

Leadership has been the key at FORD

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) took some daring risks amidst the economic downtown that seem to be paying at last. According to its CEO Mullaly, leadership has played key the role in the turnaround of events. He was quoted by the New York Times saying “It’s all about maintaining leadership. We don’t take risks we can’t deliver on… You have to take chances if you want to stay the leader”. Ford executive chairman was also quoted as being of the same sentiments as Mullaly by strongly emphasizing the need of not being complacent if the future for automaker is to remain brighter than ever.

Ford beats off competition

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) seem to be performing better in the market not only in the US but also in Europe despite its fierce rivals such as GM and Toyota experiencing challenges in those Markets. Ford has had relative the best performance over a five year period performing extremely well for its shareholders posting solid quarter results with consecutive growth.

Investors who had invested in the company amidst the economic recession are arguably boosting of making some of the brightest moves as rewards can never get better than what they are reaping at the moment. The massive growth has been due to higher sales in the automotive segment over the past years accompanied with the focus on efficient production.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) closed Friday trading session at a stable price of $14.97 a slight improvement of 0.81%

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