Tomahawk, WI 9/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There are not many companies which are as innovative as Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) in this day and age. The company already enjoys a substantial presence in the mobile market and has a number of innovative products it has developed for this market.  QuickOffice is one of the apps which GOOG has developed for the mobile market. It competes with many more which are either freely offered or require users to pay first before being given access to them. GOOG used to charge a fee for this app, but has now opted to offer it for free. What has led to this decision?

 QuickOffice is Extremely Popular

 QuickOffice is designed to help people use a number of Microsoft programs as well as programs to do work which they consider important and urgent. Users don’t need to worry about getting near a laptop or computer before they can use the Microsoft programs and documents to finalize a few urgent tasks. They can now do this at their convenience regardless of location or time. This is important since GOOG was losing out on this battle since those which were offering similar services for free had an upper hand compared to Google which was charging for use of this app.

 The QuickOffice app has been free for close to a week now. However, it is only available for people who own devices which are iOS or Android-operated. As long as your device is supported, you can retrieve any document created using Microsoft Office and edit it as much as you can from your mobile gadget. One would be forgiven for wondering how this service will interfere with GOOG’s own Google Drive. Well, the company has ensured that QuickOffice is integrated to Google Drive thus people can work on their documents with the two apps.

 GOOG focuses on Improving People’s Lives

 GOOG has always been adamant that its services and products are geared towards promoting the quality of life. This is amplified by its decision to go into health care through the Calico project. One may wonder why GOOG would take off an app which was already quite popular with users and was bringing in money to the company. If you do, then it is important to remember GOOG’s goal in everything it does; to improve life. Moreover, the convenience the QuickOffice gives to users is something that people will keep at the back of their mind thus remain loyal to GOOG.

 GOOG to Reap Big from the Free QuickOffice

 GOOG has also stated that anyone who signs in to their Google Account before September 26, 2013 using their QuickOffice account will be rewarded with a further 10GB storage for data, which will be valid for not less than the next two years. Google Inc seems to be giving back to its customers through these offers after the tremendous among of trust and loyalty they have shown to this global giant. It is a good move since it helps attract some good will for GOOG which will come in handy in other areas, especially where it will require customers to pay for services.

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