Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) –Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:TM) was founded in 1933 and has put up its headquarters in Toyota City, Japan. This is a Japanese company after all and this is the reason why it has opted to establish its headquarters in the same country. The company is known all over the world for making, developing, distributing and selling some of the most popular models of cars. Its primary markets include Japan and North America. However, it sells to the Europe and Asian market as well. It is supported by more than 333k full time employees. Here, we take a look at what you need to do to invest in TM stock.


Figure showing TM monthly sales in the US between Jan-Apr 2013.

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How to Invest in TM Stock

TM is publicly quoted on NYSE. If you want to invest in this company, you must get its ticker symbol, which in this case is TM. It is good to talk with a broker in order to get a better understanding regarding what you need to do. Meanwhile, it would be good for you to also embark on researching more on TM stock, so that you get accustomed with what is happening. Get more information regarding the kind of news that is coming out of the company. You should also find out whether you need to get ADS, which are international stock certificates as part of the procedure required to invest in TM.

It is important for you to decide whether you want to invest in TM stock through the help of an online broker account, or the traditional brokerage services. If you want to enjoy discounted rates, nothing would help your cause better than online brokerage. Once this is done, you should proceed to request an application, or alternatively, you can fill out the application sent to you online. Be prepared to send or wire the funds in case you choose to open an online account. Once you have received the current price, determine how much stock you want to buy.

Follow this up by making a buy order. If you are using online account, follow the instructions which are displayed on the site where you are undertaking this activity. If you are using the services of a traditional broker, you will need to call the representative and ask him/her to take you through the whole process so that you don’t make any mistake which could prove to be costly for you. Alternatively, you may decide to buy the stock by purchasing mutual funds. This is quite good for any investor who is not interested in managing the stock personally, and it can be done through Toyota holdings ADS.

After you are through with this process and are satisfied with everything you have done, you should request for all the details and print them out. This is information which is necessary and you need to keep it close to you at all times. When requesting for or printing this information, ensure that details regarding the good until date, the price and number of shares bought is all indicated on the particular document. I’d advice you to get hold of TM stock if you want to see your investment growing, and benefiting you more over the long term.

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