Tomahawk, WI 09/04/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Founded in 1938, large retail farm and ranch supply Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ:TSCO) continues to offer some of the finest lifestyle needs for recreational farmers and ranchers according to its CEO, Greg Sandfort, appearing in an interview on Bloomberg.

Business from stores continues to perform well, seen by the fact that the company got 43% of its revenue from Livestock and Pet supplies last year. Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ:TSCO) generated a total of $5 billion last year in sales, heading into the harvest season this year.

“Season transition has occurred we are through spring summer, we are now into fall and you will see things in the stores now for seasonal planting. You will see things like log sweaters and heating; Big heating business wood pellet stoves things of that nature so we are going into fall season now and selling those needed products that customers would expect from us,” said Mr. Sandfort.

Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ:TSCO) Supply relies on a sales force that is focused’ on the company’s mission and vision of which the CEO points is always driven with the motive of furnishing customers’ needs instead of overselling.  Meeting the needs of customers remains the main objective for the company while also providing some of the best solutions available for any problems in farming.

Tractor supply hires its employees locally, to ensure that its team has a perfect understanding of people’s needs depending on locality.

“Those individuals know the lifestyle they know the market so by them knowing that market it is easy for us to translate here is how we operate at Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ:TSCO). We teach them our business model, and they are locals, so they understand the needs,” said Mr. Sandfort.

Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ:TSCO) is also a big player in the lawnmowers business with model selections designed to meet the needs of various customers. The company also runs an animal business named Equine Purchases, aimed at supplying the needs of people who own horses and treating them as pets. The CEO admitted that the Equine business has grown nicely but has quietly leveled off over the past few months, on the fact that Horses are expensive animals to maintain for many people.

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