Tomahawk, WI 3/11/2013 (BasicsMedia) – As the day draws to a close we now take a look at some of your volume leaders.

Your three leaders today in order are Bank of America Corp (BAC) trading almost 100 million shares today. Research in Motion Limited (BBRY) was very active for the second straight day trading over 81 million shares based on strong pre-orders for the BlackBerry touchscreen Z10. Number 3 on our list was Zynga (ZNGA) which continues to make up for lost ground this year trading over 75 million shares. Zynga seems to be getting a boost from overseas online gambling which it became involved with earlier this year and rumors that are floating around the marketplace of a possible takeover.

A couple other notables today include Ford (F) which issued a recall today on several vehicles today. Ford has traded over 40 million shares today. The company  said that it will recall 7,150 vehicles built tis past November, including the 2013 Escape as some models have been found to have a defective child lock on the left rear door. Other models included in the recall are some  2013 Focus and C-Max cars. This is Ford’s fifth such move for the redesigned Escape since the vehicle’s came onto the market in  2012. Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker said the automaker will inspect 5,638 Escapes that were built in the Louisville Assembly Plant between November 14 and 24, Ford is recalling 1,223 Focus cars as well as 283 C-Max vehicles. Both of the affected models were built at Michigan Assembly Plant between November 17 and 21

And J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (JCP) has traded more than twice its daily average with 32 million shares trading hands today. One of the reason shares were moving today might be because there were rumors floating around Twitter that CEO Ron Johnson was leaving his post as the leader of the struggling retailer.

JC Penny did issue a statement about Johnson’s status at the company saying it denied all the rumors in a statement to Bloomberg News: “Ron Johnson is not quitting or resigning from J.C. Penney and he has no plans to do so,” a spokesman said. “The rumors are false.”

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