Tomahawk, WI 06/12/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has fallen apart from its high of 74.73; it plunged to the rungs of lowliness as it floundered to 29.51 sometime in May. However, the recent upsurge in TWTR activities during the French Open Tournament. Taking a page off its book of success during FIFA World Cup 2010 or the recently concluded French Open Tournament 2014, TWTR seeks to reiterate the history and make the best of the upcoming football fiesta with pomp and fervor!

French Open Tweet Counts

The French Open Tennis Tournament concluded a couple of days back. TWTR estimated that its net Tweet count reached a whopping 3.2 million, generating buzz on the social media. The micro blogging tycoon has braced itself up for the football fiesta, on the similar lines, and hopes to make the best of its Tweet counts to push ad sales and generate revenues.

#WorldCup Is On, With Few Hours To Spare

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is nearing its hyped curtain raiser in Brasil. Eager enthusiasts are prying on creating buzz, discuss and compete on the upcoming happenings, news from the center, match analysis and so on. As millions of people across the participating and non-participating nations are showering instances of craze by posts rolling out with ‘#WorldCup2014’or its myriad of variances, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has embraced this opportunity to maximize its business endeavor.

Hashflags Lure Customers

In order to duly lure populace, TWTR has redeemed its hashflags that is a similar concept as hashtags, apart from the fact that on putting a ‘#’ before the three-lettered country code can evolve as a hashflag and the hashtag shall bag the color as the country’s national flag. With a multitude of users getting social savvy and using a plenitude of Android and iPhone platforms, colorful hashtags can become the cynosure of many an eye.

TWTR Eyes Profit Maximization

TWTR has braced up to lure new suspects, turn them into prospects and maximize their activities with news, trends, statistics, trivia, match analysis, colorful tags and passionate tweets. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s idea is simple – develop on the French Open bandwagon and push up its meek mobile advert sales, thus churning maximal revenues.

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