Tomahawk, WI 03/11/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Uranium Resources Inc (NASDAQ:URRE) shares saw a slight downward correction in both price and volumes during yesterdays’ trading session. The price closed at $3.09 after declining by 0.96% over the last closing rate. Most activity and higher trending price was more visible in the early trading hours

Uranium  industry’s 2014 Forecasts’ Anticipated A Bull Market

The U.S. Uranium demand forecast reports released last year anticipated the producers would face greater supply challenge amid growing supply deficits on local and global markets throughout 2014 and coming mid-term. The U.S. accord for buying enriched uranium from Russian military basses ended in December 2013, and the country’s own resources will be enough to speed up supplies. The country only produces about 10% of its home consumption currently

Timeline of Global Demand & Price Spikes

On a global level there is a greater market for U308 and Uranium concentrate as Japan and China push into nuclear energy programs. Japan will be opening another 17 reactors for nuclear energy development; almost 50% of these will go Live by the end of 2014. China is also installing an additional 34GWs of nuclear capacity by the end of 2017 and is nowadays rapidly growing the Uranium stockpiles. Since most of the Chinese Uranium ore is poor quality the worlds’ largest market is most likely to see for suppliers elsewhere. So the demand for uranium will grow at a faster pace beginning the end of current year.

Uranium Prices May Soar Amid Growing Supply Culls Across the Glob

Uranium Resources Inc (NASDAQ:URRE)’s prominent project is its 53,524 acres of mining properties in Lod Finados, Kenedy county (Texas)where it is mining & exploring Uranium reserves in collaboration with Cameco Cororation (USA) (NYSE:CCJ). The Texas based company has two fully licensed in-situ or solution recovery processing facilities and approx. 183,000 acres of mineral holdings with about 101.4 million pounds U308.

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