Tomahawk, WI 06/17/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ:VRTX) showed its intent and announced that it is going to reimburse its innovative-hit KALYDECO (ivacaftor) on a public parlance. The company signed a laid-out letter of intent in this regard, along with the pan-Canadian Pricing Alliance (or pCPA).

VRTX Shows Intent For KALYDECO Reimbursement

VRTX promised to make KALYDECO available to the Canadian citizens for the treatment of cases of acute cystic fibrosis or CF for kids aged 6 years or even older, who suffer from G551D mutation. The most-talked-about letter duly brings into a subtle agreement, in righteous principles with the alliance, pCPA, pertaining to the reimbursement of KALYDECO publicly across the Canadian provinces.

The letter corroborated that before the commoners or public start getting due access to the reimbursements, the participating Canadian territories and provinces are ought to decide to rigorously reimburse KALYDECO, through their self-supported drug programs, individually.

VRTX conjectured that at least 100 people with their ages in excess of 6 years, suffer from this rare, endemic and specific mutation. VRTX’s KALYDECO is the first of its sorts to treat the disparaging and underlying causes of the disease called cystic fibrosis amongst G551D mutants. The mutation affects the CFTR gene; VRTX’s KALYDECO treats the patients from the core and helps the patients to fight the disease.


Indeed, Cystic Fibrosis is a deadly, rare and genetic disease; certainly, no elixir has yet been invented or discovered to treat this disorder. Missing or defective CFTR proteins result in severe mutations in one’s CFTR gene. This defectiveness due to absence of CFTR proteins amongst people results in irregulated and poor flow of water and salt in and out of a human cell, in a plethora of organs like the lungs. KALYDECO ensures that there is vigorous chloride transport by facilitating and potentiating gating (or channel-open probability) of these CFTR proteins.

The Company’s Perspective

The Executive VP and CCO of VRTX, Stuart Arbuckle commented that the company is deemed to strive harder to ensure that each eligible Canadian across every province in Canada gets ready access to KALYDECO, through this public reimbursement scheme – quickly, without delay. However, the Letter of Intent made no mention of the reimbursement across the province of Quebec. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ:VRTX) also proclaimed in its announcement that KALYDECO is available far and wide to every eligible human being across 15 countries that include the US and other important countries in the UK.

This public reimbursement program is ought to gather momentum in the days to come, pushing greater investments and vigorous trade activities.

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