Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Viacom, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIAB) is a company which deals with entertainment content. It operates in the U.S. and internationally as well and has been in operation since December 31, 2012. It is quoted in NasdaqGS publicly and has employed more than 9,800 people full time, within the services sector and the CATV Systems industry. Most of the content it comes up with is to be found in motion picture, television, as well as mobile platforms and online. This article will highlight attributes of VIAB which give investors a reason to look forward to the returns on their investments.


This diagram is good demonstration of how VIAB dividends have been growing, and will continue to grow. It’s courtesy of

Did VIAB Perform Well in its Q3 Results?

Recently, VIAB announced its Q3 financial results. Out of what it declared, or the information it shared with its investors, it is clear that its net income had increased tremendously. A close look at the net income would show you that it had risen by 20%, from the similar period last year. Most of its income came from the fees it charged for the cable TV channels. It also got a huge chunk of this amount from the advertising revenue. It received large amounts of revenue from the improved ratings which its programs and services attracted.

The company is in also the owner of MTV, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Control and Nickelodeon. Its earnings didn’t match what the analysts had predicted. However, the revenue was much higher and above what had been predicted by the same analysts. This company is currently working on coming up with ways of buying back $2 billion of the shares which are held by the shareholders. It is worth remembering that VIAB stock price has improved by more than 50% this year, which in itself is quite impressive. This is due to the improved ratings which VIAB’s entertainment content continues to attract from the public.

It appears that the recent partnership between VIAB and has also made it easier for its products to be distributed with relative ease and this has also enabled the company to enjoy better returns. VIAB’s impressive results have also been attributed to the fact that its Paramount Pictures has produced some movies which have been huge successes. The company also recently stated that it had posted the best growth rate in terms of U.S advertisement, and this contributed to its impressive returns. The latest quarter indicated that the company earned more than $643 million.

The earnings were better compared to what the company received last year, which was $532 million. The company’s revenue was also quite good, and experienced a huge improvement from last year’s figure of $3.24 billion. The analysts had expected $3.57 billion, but what the company reported was an amount of around $3.69 billion. The media networks within VIAB accounted for $2.57 billion of the total revenue and this was also quite significant. However, the operating income seemed to have dropped by around 63%, which was blamed on the film distribution costs which were very high.

Therefore, this is a good company to invest in. If you have been considering a place where your investments would grow and give you the returns you crave, this is the best place to start.

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