Tomahawk, WI 09/17/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) ’s chief spokesman, David Tovar, was forced to resign after it emerged, he had lied about his education credentials, a falsehood that is reported to have formed part of his biography for the past two-decades. During an interview on CNBC, Harvard Business School Professor, Bill George, said he did not understand why people were going such lengths, to falsify their education credentials.

“[…] I think he had to step aside, he seems like a high caliber guy, but the question still is, why do people do this? Why they lie about their college degrees,” said Mr. George.

Prior to his resignation, Tovar was being evaluated for a promotion into the company’s senior vice president role. It is’ reported that in the process of due diligence screening, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) discovered that Mr. Tovar was not a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware as earlier purported.

 Tovar joins former Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO, Scott Thompson, who was forced to step down after it was’ discovered he had lied about   acquiring degree in computer science. RadioShack Corporation (NYSE:RSH) also pulled the plug on its former CEO, David Edmondson, after it was discovered he was not a holder of a degree in theology and psychology as earlier thought.

Tovar has since said he is parting ways with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) on good terms despite the ongoing allegations. Up to his resignation, Tovar was responsible for managing Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) communication aspect of the business, covering diverse topics ranging from sustainability to food stamps.

George believes that mounting pressure of having academic credentials that would stand out with employers could have played a key role on Tovar lying about his academic credentials.

“[…] I think it is insecurity about having a resume, which would hold up when you are getting jobs, when you are going through your life and your career. The other thing is that they think they won’t get caught, “said Mr. George.

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