Northern, WI  10/9/2012 (BasicsMedia)  —  Wall Street: Climbing the Wall of Worry is a market axiom that rings louder than the opening bell when you are under invested, short, or out of the market all together.  I listen to pundits, read social media blurbs and do my own research.  If you list the items telling you the markets will go lower it makes me want to finish the bomb shelter and collect more cans of soup.

Lets list them, Apple has a head and shoulders top, earnings season could start with Alcoa missing numbers, Europe and Greece may be burning as we speak, The US Election will not be good no matter who is elected, Crude Oil had a recent sell off which roiled traders for no reason and China just did a $42B liquidity insertion.

These,  and the fact that nearly everyone who follows markets has called for a 10% sell off since July including me and recanted because the axiom rings true…Wall Street climbs the wall of worry.

This is the reason brokers and wise investors tell you to buy and hold, this way you don’t sell lows and buy highs, they tell you to stay invested.  But I conclude that the real reasons markets go up is because we have a lack of selling…in this case we have a lack of interest from retail trading many have never seen..current liquidity and volatility derive from algo trading and professional traders.  It seems the days of friendly investing environments went out with the stretch limo.

So what do you do now?  I suggest you wade through the earnings cycle, actually listen to the conference calls and judge for yourself there really is not a broker on the planet who can tell you what you should do -simply because- they do not feel or understand your portfolio and what your goals are no matter how hard they try.  I also suggest you utilize all the new information tools available to you..the Financial Services world is now nothing more than an inexpensive execution tool, and the information needed awaits with the click of a mouse and a Google search.  The availability of leveraged ETF’s and sector ETF give you every tool needed to invest in markets inexpensively ..without the use of any commissioned broker..this is still an information game.  But in 2012 it is a conclusion game.

We are all smart enough to make our own decisions about markets without climbing the Wall of  Worry.



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