Tomahawk, WI 9/23/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Obamacare- the health care program launched by the American president, Barrack Obama in an attempt to revolutionize the healthcare system in America has been under attack by Senator David Vitter for some time now. His persistence on the issue of conducting a vote, wherein the legislators would be deprived of vital medical aid that they have been privileged with over the years, has managed to displease the Democrats for the last few days. The Democrats have managed to turn the tables now by bringing up the issue of Vitter’s involvement in an adultery scandal in the past.

The federal government announced in August this year that it would carry on providing for the health maintenance of the congress members and its crew. Without the intervention of the government, the premium of the medical aid of the legislators and their associates would have skipped up by considerable amount every year.

With the resumption the Senate this week, a reform was introduced by Vitter so as to cancel out the decree, taking the issue to the Senate, seeking a poll on his suggestion. The Democrats have now approached the whole issue from a new angle, stating that the health care coverage would be denied by an act to those government administrators who have had apparent cause to plead for prostitutes, thereby apparently stabbing Vitter bluntly by referring to his association in a “prostitution scandal” back in 2007.

Vitter had been linked to D.C. Madam, known to operate a high profile escort service in Washington D.C, when his contact number had popped up in the phone records of the former. Though he was never really found guilty as charged, he nevertheless expressed remorse for what he termed as a “very serious sin”.

The attack made by the Democrats ,needless to say, has not really pleased Vitter, who has now tried turning the tables again, charging Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, D-N.V and Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., condemning them of “bribery”. In his letter to the Ethics Committee, Vitter has claimed that the afore mentioned Senators have “violated the committee’s rules by proposing and circulating through the press legislation that ties members’ personal health care benefits to their performance of specific acts and votes.” He mentioned that the Ethics Committee has earlier condemned this sort of conduct, without making any allusion to his previous error.

The Democrats have declined to budge from their position, viewing the allegations made by Vitter as being “baseless and absurd”, according to Reid’s spokesperson and a bid to divert attention from his previous wrong doings. This move made by the Senate Democrats is being viewed as a way of getting back at Vitter for his stand against Obamacare.

The issue of Obamacare continues to be an issue demanding spotlight, with both parties battling for their stand point with scandals and allegations being their weapons. In this light, it would be interesting to see if Vitter’s demand for bringing closure to the Obamacare discharge for Congress and Washington takes effect on October1, 2013 or otherwise.

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