Tomahawk, WI 8/02/2013 (Basicsmedia) – If there is anything which most investors fear, it is the thought that they could end up losing their money. This is a fear which is real and not misplaced. Many people have disregarded this aspect of their investment s only to end up suffering much later. There was a time when JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) went through a period when it was being accused of putting the money of their shareholders at risk. A number of investors got concerned and some even contemplated pulling their investments out of JPM. The question is this; has JPM ever been at risk of losing investors money?

How Has JPM Performed Lately?

Part of the reason which led many people to complain about the fact that JPM would lose their investments is because of the poor performance in the financial sector, where major banks suffered a great deal and some even collapsed. Looking at the financial results announced by JPM for the April quarter, you would notice that there was nothing to smile about. A number of analysts looked at the whole scenario and made up their minds that this performance was simply unacceptable, and probably an indicator of the tough times awaiting them in future.

But one would need to be a bit cautious and take everything about JPM into consideration when looking at this issue. No matter how poor the April financial performance must have looked, JPM is still a very strong performer in many other aspects. As an investment banking institution, and looking at its services offered in mortgages and retail banking, JPM is still quite solid in its performance in these areas. A number of analysts are of the opinion that investors can even get a premium of around 20% as long as they exercise a bit of patience with the stock they own.

JPM is currently trading at around $55 for every share held. This is value for money hence as good a reason as you would get elsewhere to indicate just how solid the company is financially. It is an indicator that many investors are still willing to continue investing in the bank. JPM’s stock has risen by close to 27%, which is another good indicator of the fact that the company is in good a shape as any other. Winning the confidence of investors is something which not many companies can achieve after posting such dismal financial results as JPM recently did. The bank appears to have succeeded in winning investor confidence within a very short span of time.


Image showing JPM’s performance in the stock market on July 31, 2013. Its courtesy of

Should Investors Worry?

If there is any investor out there who at any point in time might have believed that JPM was at risk of losing their money, I would like to reassure them that the concern was misplaced. The growth of its fee income is already growing by more than 30%, and yet it still continues to be undervalued compared to Citigroup and Bank of America. There is no reason for anyone to get jittery or worried about losing their money with JPM. It’s as stable as it has ever been in the past. There aren’t many companies which can match JPM in terms of credit quality and profitability.

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