Tomahawk, WI 9/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) – General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has a global market through which its trucks, cars and automobile parts are sold, after they have been designed and built at its factories. Its General Motors Financial Company Inc is tasked with the job of providing automotive financing services to its clients who need them. During the FY2012, the company succeeded in selling more than 9.3 million vehicles worldwide. As the company marks its 105th anniversary, it is important to take stock of what it boasts of as its major achievements throughout this period.

GM Still The World’s Largest Automaker

GM is ranked as the world’s largest maker of automobiles. There was a time when it boasted of a workforce numbering 80,000 and above, within the U.S only. The company was considered to be the nation’s lifeblood at one point during its existence. Things might have changed a lot ever since the world suffered the financial meltdown in 2008, whose effects are still being felt to date. When the company as founded, there were around 198,000 cars in the U.S. Nowadays, GM alone is responsible for making some 200,000 new cars every month more than what it found in 1908.

GM’s Buick Still in Existence

Buick, which was the first car to come out of GM’s factories, is still in existence today. It remains one of the most popular brands to be produced by GM. Currently, the people of Genesee County can only boast of a workforce of around 7,500 personnel at GM, which is less than ten percent of what it had in the company around thirty-five years ago. Better yet, is the news that GM is working on an electric car which will rival the best of what Tesla Motors Inc already has in the market. This represents a milestone of sorts for a company with traditional values.

GM To Rival Competitors for the Electric Vehicles Market

If GM successfully goes into the production of electric vehicles, it will have to compete with not only Tesla, but also Volkswagen which has said it intends to be the world’s largest maker of these vehicles by 2018. Tesla has always focused on the high-end market and builds predominantly electric vehicles which are quite luxurious. However, the global market leader which GM will have to contend with should it succeed in this project, is Nissan Motor Co. All these companies will have to look for ways of coming up with cheaper and better batteries.

GM already boasts of battery-powered cars in the form of Chevrolet Volts. As at August 2013, it had sold some 15,000 pieces of this model. The question which GM has to seek answers for is whether it can make money from electric cars much like what it has been doing with its traditional gas-driven vehicles. This is something which even Tesla is yet to answer; therefore, GM is in good company here. Moreover, how will GM prove that there is justification for its electric car which will travel for 200 miles on a single charge? Is there precedent in the industry?

There is a lot to celebrate in terms of achievements as GM marks its 105th year of existence as a profitable entity and money making company for investors.

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