Tomahawk, WI 10/09/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is currently going through a lot of changes in 2013. These changes are widespread and they are expected to continue into 2014. This is the last year when the company will be served by Steve Ballmer as the CEO. Attempts to convince Bill Gates to step back into this role, have thus far been unsuccessful, therefore, we can confidently say that 2014 will probably go down in history as the first time both Gates and Ballmer were not at the helm of MSFT. However, is this the only change to expect from MSFT going forward?

 It has also emerged that MSFT has made an announcement which is likely to affect a wide pool of its customers. This is a company which has benefited a lot from its Windows OS. It has made a lot of money from developing and selling this particular OS. Not only that, but its Microsoft Office programs have been among the most popular in the land. But now it has emerged that the company is thinking of stopping any form of support towards the extremely popular Windows XP as well as Office 2003. It says everyone will have to migrate to Windows 7 from 2014.

The biggest losers will probably be the users of Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003. If your device currently runs on the two, you will need to start thinking about migrating to Windows 7. If you fail to, you will be exposing your system to viruses and other malware since MSFT will not be offering updates. If you have been enjoying the regular security updates, as well as updates regarding online technical content for your Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003, these services will no longer be available to you unless you migrate to Windows 7.

MSFT needs all the money it can get from selling its most iconic and popular brands such as Windows XP and Office 2003. But I think that the company has seen the two as not being the type of products it can work with to compete against those which are already on the market and from different competitors. Apple Inc is one of the biggest competitors with MSFT in this regard. Its iOS is quite popular and the company recently introduced the new iOS 7 which is a major departure from all the previous versions. MSFT has seen the need to look forward.

There is another piece of news which has come out of MSFT regarding its top leadership. While it has been acknowledged that Steve Ballmer will probably be stepping down from being the company’s CEO, the latest news appears to suggest that he may have changed his mind. If this is true, it will be contrary to what I also mentioned earlier when I said that 2014 could be the first year in which Ballmer and Gates were both out of daily management of MSFT. But regardless of whether the two continue working at MSFT or not, 2014 will be a different year for the stock.

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