Tomahawk, WI 9/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Everyone, well at least those with a keen interest in what goes on with some of these major companies, would have been aware of what has befallen BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY). This is a company which at one time was considered to the standard bearer when it came to production of some of the most awesomely amazing Smartphone gadgets. Its products were in the hands of people considered to have a firm awareness regarding everything to do with technology. How the firm has fallen to a point where it lost its market share remains a puzzle.

 BBRY Has Been Overtaken by New Companies

 Some of the companies which used to be juniors to BBRY in the Smartphone market, such as Apple, Samsung and a hoard of others, have now overtaken it. Apple remains the most dominant player in this industry. However, there are things which the company would have done from the onset which would have at least guaranteed that it doesn’t lose its share of the market. To appreciate how far BBRY has fallen, by January 2010, it enjoyed 43% of the U.S Smartphone market share. Fast forward to 2013 and the company owns a paltry 3.8% of the market share.

 BBRY made a name for itself because it stuck to certain traditional features when coming up with its unique Smartphone gadgets. It remained faithful to the QWERTY keypad. This was good at the beginning. But once it saw its competitors shifting to touch screen, it should have followed suit.  It was too slow to respond and this led to being overtaken by its competitors. BBRY ought to have understood that consumers’ tastes were changing and tried to do all it could to continue satisfying their demands so that they don’t lose them to the competition.

BBRY Failed to Improve Its OS

 BBRY’s operating system ought to have been one of the top features on its Smartphone gadgets to be tweaked or changed to show that it appreciated change in customers’ tastes. While this company was releasing new products which were still running on the same OS, its competitors were doing the same launches but on vastly different, more powerful and better operating systems. This played a major role in convincing customers to abandon BBRY which appeared to be slow to respond to this challenge, and by the time it realized what was going on, it was late.

 Unlike Apple and Android Smartphone gadgets which depend quite a lot on apps, BBRY appeared to be unwilling to take the same route. It created an environment which was never favorable for third party apps to thrive in, and the competition manipulated this loophole to great effect. BBRY had a major presence in companies which preferred its employees to own its products. However, there was a change to this when employees in companies which favored BBRY products were allowed to start reporting to work with their own preferred devices.

These are just a few examples of areas where BBRY failed to take action quick enough thus leading to a loss in the market share, sadly, one which it was never able to regain in the successive years.

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