Tomahawk, WI 10/14/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) acts as a developer, designer and marketer of technology solutions which are integral to the provision of Information technology services and systems worldwide. It carries out its business mainly through two divisions, namely, enterprise and online services. It has emerged into one of the most sought after producers of cloud computing technologies in the planet. The company should be announcing its latest financial results very soon where it has said it expects to earn around $710 million to $712 million as revenue.

 Citrix Systems, Inc Revenues and Net Income Outperforms Expectations

The company’s financial results during the second quarter of 2013 were quite solid. It did quite well in terms of revenues and net income, where it outperformed what a number of analysts had predicted about it earlier in the year. I have noticed that a number of analysts have rated CTXS as a neutral, primarily because the global economy is not as stable as is required if this company is to do better than it did. The Middle East, Africa and Europe are still faced with a number of geopolitical issues which have messed the economy up thus affecting CTXS’ performance.

 CTXS Stock Depends on Global Geopolitical Issues and Economy

A lot of volatility is still expected when talking about CTXS financials going forward. I think the situation will only get better if there is a notable improvement in the geopolitical issues currently facing the globe. But the one area where CTXS will see its performance recording growth and posting better returns is in cloud computing. The world appears to be on an irreversible path towards virtualization and cloud computing and I don’t think even the current economic uncertainties will mess this up. The long term prospects for CTXS appear to be quite good.

CTXS To Benefit from Increased Spending by Corporations on Cloud Computing

I foresee a situation where global spending by corporate firms on cloud computing will shoot higher than they are right now. One way of looking at the company’s long term prospects is to consider its stock in the last 12-month period. I have noticed that the stock has experienced an increase of around 32.5%. The three markets which CTXS operates under include desktop virtualization, and collaboration/sharing as well as cloud infrastructure and networking. The company has been introducing innovative and new products to boost its results in these areas.

I have also been left quite impressed with the company’s decision to expand globally. This has a lot of benefits in the long term since it will protect CTXS from being too reliant on only market for its revenues. Since this is being done at the same time with its decision to introduce state of the art products into the market, I expect CTXS to cushion itself properly against the dangers brought about as a result of global economic upheavals. The risks are plenty, but the opportunity for rewards is great thus making any venture CTXS is involved in worthwhile.

 There is nothing much to keep investors and Wall Street analysts worried about CTXS financials; well, at least, not at this point in time. In the short term, CTXS may suffer a few hiccups here and there, just like any technology stock will experience, but this is nothing to worry about.

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