Tomahawk, WI 7/30/2013 (Basicsmedia) – This article seeks to give out answers to anyone with interest in learning whether there is any future in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). This will be done by learning whatever we can from the latest data to have come out from the company’s financial statements, and other information it released to the public.

AAPL Background Information

AAPL, or Apple Inc, has been in the news for awhile now and all for good reasons. It’s not a single entity but has several subsidies, and teams of manufactures it works with to produce and distribute its products, not only in the USA, but throughout the rest of the world. The company currently enjoys getting customers who visit its more than 200 stores in the U.S, and over 140 stores located all over the world. It has been around for close to three decades since its founding in 1977, and has its headquarters located in Cupertino, California.

What Can WE Learn from AAPL’s Latest figures?

One of the areas where any existing or prospective investor ought to look when evaluating any company is in its latest figures, and numbers. These figures and numbers are what will give you an idea as to whether you are investing in a sinking ship or not. The viability of a company is based on its financial statements and AAPL is not any exception. For a company which operates within the consumer goods sector, and under the electronic equipment industry, it has employed a huge number of full time employees, hovering in the region of more than 72,000 worldwide.

The estimates in terms of earnings the company is expected to enjoy in the next quarter, which ends in September 2013, is projected to be around 7.69. However, one would be mistaken for thinking that this is quite high, and that most probably it won’t go over and beyond this amount. This isn’t true since the estimates indicate that by December 2013, the figure would have shot up to a high of around 13.44. What is more? By September 2014, if all factors stay equal, the estimates would have risen to an impressive figure of around 42.48.


This is a basic chart showing the direction AAPL stocks have taken in the recent past. Chart courtesy of

This information gives us a good idea regarding where AAPL is headed. The future, at least thus far, seem to be very good and the company has a very good outlook in terms of how it will perform financially. The earnings history of AAPL appears to indicate some form of fluctuation which could probably not be good news to some investors. Its EPS Actual was 8.67 in September 2012, and this rose to 13.81 by December 2012. In March 2013, the EPS Actual fell to 10.09 before settling at 7.47 by June 2013. It’s a bit tricky trying to tell where it will be the next time these EPS Actual figures are issued, in September 2013.

What Are AAPL’s Growth Estimates?

However, there is hope for AAPL, that as long as the right decisions are made, the future is not as bad as some people are making it out. The industry, under which this company operates, is estimated to enjoy a growth of around 5.70% in the foreseeable future. AAPL’s figures in terms of growth estimates may not be as good as investors might have hoped for, where it currently stands at around -11.30%. There is hope that as long as the right management is put in place, these figures will pick up and move towards black, while getting further away from being in the red. This is an investment I would recommend to anyone.

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