Tomahawk, WI 9/19/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been a market leader in the field of information technology. This is where it has made a name for itself to become a major brand globally. However, trust GOOG not to stick to one product at any given time. The company has now seen it fit to go into healthcare by launching a company known as Calico. This is a company which will be providing solutions meant to cater for issues regarding aging and other related health complications. Does this indicate that GOOG is about to embark on areas which are not associated with it?

 GOOG Delving into Newer Businesses

GOOG’s CEO, Larry Page, has issued a statement in which he is advising shareholders not to get shocked when they read about the company’s decision to delve into other areas which appear strange or speculative. After all, this is a company which is best known for some of the latest and most popular Internet products, and health care solutions do not fall into this category. The company has explained this type of investment by saying that its products are designed to help improve people’s lives, and Calico is definitely going to do that through its healthcare solutions.

However, there isn’t too much information coming out of GOOG regarding its new venture. This is because it is still early days, and Google Inc can’t be faulted much for this. California Life CO is the full name of this company, and it is to be headed by Arthur Levinson, who is still to continue in his roles as the chairman of both the Apple Inc and Genentech Inc boards. However, it is worth pointing out that though this news may come as a shock and surprise to many people, GOOG is not the first technology-based company to go into the field of healthcare.

 Shareholders Skeptical About GOOG’s Calico

 I don’t expect the shareholders to immediately take this news positively. What will happen is that there will probably be a lot of skepticism regarding this latest move by Google Inc. This is a new line for GOOG and I don’t see anything remotely related to the Internet in this decision. But even after having said all of the above, it may still prove GOOG right in many ways. If the company goes ahead with this project, it will be one more sign that it is not afraid to diversify in terms of the businesses it is willing to put up. This is what has always helped the company make money.

 GOOG May Never Stick to One Business

If GOOG can come up with a business such as Calico, there is no doubt that it will never stick only to one line of business. This is a company which has the capacity of trying its hands in different businesses at a time. I believe this is a very good strategy since GOOG exists primarily to make money, and do so while improving people’s lives. If Calico offers effective solutions designed to extend life, it will have scored major points on many fronts, and these will help it to cement its position as a top global brand thus making more money than it has ever done.

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