Tomahawk, WI 11/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – News reports have it that the software giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has opened a state-of-the-art center of excellence to tackle the online menace in the name of cybercrime. This is an advanced global center; one of its kind that is promising to take on and defeat the bad boys. As most everyone knows, MSFT doesn’t joke when it means something is big, there is reason to believe that online safety is now guaranteed once the cutting-edge tools begins safety surveillance.

Globally, cybercrime takes on millions of businesses and individuals, a lot of which result in untold financial losses and impact on personal life. Nobody likes such torture and this is why MSFT’s cybercrime handling center may be what the online world was waiting for.

The software giant is looking at boosting people’s safety and confidence when they are online. So what is in all this effort for the good software company? First, everyone should understand that MSFT is looking for a replacement CEO. Its current lead executive Steve Ballmer is retiring in now less than 12 months. A couple of candidates have been vying for the job including Nokia’s former executive Stephen Elop. Each day comes with fresh speculation about who the Redmond company might pick to run its affairs for the next several years. The company needs to make a lot of tweaks in its operations so that it can enter the comfortable profitability zone, something that today remains a dream yet.

Sugar-Coated Sales Pitch

On to the cybercrime center, the company is communicating something big; that when it comes to technological innovation, it is, as ever, a force to recon with. Look at it this way, with increasing internet threats to businesses and individuals, anyone who promises genuine protection from such threats becomes a friend. Look at it this way again. That Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s cybercrime center is seeking to tackle the most scaring online criminal activities from organized crime to child exploitation to identity theft and intellectual property dishonesty. Who is missing something in this ambitious security package….anyone? None. So MSFT has won several hearts and this could be the ultimate calculation.

The company knows that it can leverage the performance of its software business by first capturing the attention of the wider market. You can be sure that enterprises seeking the higher end of internet security can now ring Ballmer to acquire how things can get done. This is how you drive up revenue and MSFT is an old boy in the game so it should know it better. Well, in essence, beyond the headlines about the high-end cyber crime management center set up by the software company, there is sales pitch.

That MSFT is seeking to improve its revenue is a common knowledge. The PC software business is ailing, the mobile software business is promising but the competition is red-hot. Information security is another promising business and the company is getting things right here. Then also, the Redmond company has entered the mobile devices business through Nokia’s mobile handset acquisition at about $7.2 billion. If things progress according to plan, the company is expecting improved figures in its future reporting.

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