Tomahawk, WI 11/20/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  It is reported that the social media giant Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) failed to persuade Snapchat with a $3 billion buyout offer. FB seemingly wanted the mobile photo-sharing app so badly that it revised up its bid to entice the company which is quickly eating its real asset – users. The Menlo Park company had earlier acquired Instagram, another photo-sharing platform which it hoped would better its position among teens, but so far a lot has not been achieved with this app.

What about Snapchat and why is it important for FB

First, Snapchat is draining Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) of its young users. The mobile app allows the sharing of photos which later disappear after view. And photos on Snapchat are shared just by the intended recipients, not like the case where they are displayed for many eyeballs to roll over on FB. Another interesting thing with Snapchat is that the shared photos do not make part of a person’s permanent record on the web. So far, it is reported that Snapchat which harvests most of its users from FB shares more photos than FB. Its daily photo-sharing is 400 million snaps against FB’s 350 million snaps. And this is very frightening for FB given its over a billion user base.

If the Menlo Park company managed to acquire Snapchat, it would not only be able to bring back the young users it had lost, it would be at an advantage against its rival Twitter in efforts to make the most of social media money. So is all lost for FB now that Snapchat is not responding? There are other options which Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) can pursue to improve its standing by winning back its lost base as well as adding more users to its base. The company can go for some other mobile messaging apps which are doing well with teens. Alternatively, it could make tweaks to its platform; perhaps through introduction of more privacy settings if that is what could be causing it lose teens.

Features improvement could just be as good for teens

As you read this, FB is already testing a new chat feature on its platform. The feature allows users and perhaps advertisers known what devices people they are chatting with are using to connect to the internet. The new Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) chat feature lets you know whether a friend is using the desktop version of the social media or mobile. This is the latest tweak that the company is making on its platform after failing to win over Snapchat with its $3 billion offer.

A lot of people using FB might not immediately realize the benefit of knowing the version a friend is using to access Facebook. However, it usually happens that people using mobile devices are slow to reply chats compared to those on desktop. In this manner, you can allow time for a friend to respond to your chat if you know they are using a phone to access the internet.

Similar such tweaks on features can help Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) appeal more to its users and even attract back more teens which would boost its user base and earn the company more money in revenue. Even though competition has increased in social media industry, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) still holds a comfortable lead in user base and earnings and this should calm investors over this stock.

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