Tomahawk, WI 01/29/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ARNA) has worked hard in the last three years to see a few of its drugs being approved by the Food and Drug Administration before selling them to the public. However, the company already has a few feathers under its cap. One of them is that its obesity-fighting drug, Belviq, was the first to enjoy FDA’s approval in the last thirteen years, prior to 2012. When it signed a new deal with Eisai to help with marketing this new obesity drug, it immediately received $60 million from the latter upfront. What more lies in store for ARNA?

Eisai is based in Tokyo, Japan. After its agreement with Arena, it will be solely responsible for marketing Belviq in countries such as South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Israel. If the marketing campaign is successful, there is every chance that the company will see its sales increase manifold over the coming years. FDA has already approved the request by the two companies to be allowed to market Belviq in the United States. Moreover, they have also received approval from Drug Enforcement Agency continue with sale of this obesity drug.

As at December 2013, Eisai had doubled the size of Arena’s sales force to 400 people in the US alone. The weight management sector requires a lot of investment in the coming years. Arena believes that the deal it signed with Eisai places it in a much better situation where it can increase its sales and boost the revenues from selling Belviq across different countries around the world. The weight management market still has great potential, and is in dire need of more work to build it up to the required levels. Eisai will offer Arena the help it needs in this regard.

Latest reports indicate that Belviq has enough potential in terms of its medical and commercial value. Arena, which makes this obesity drug, needs to collaborate with several partners in order to benefit from the sale of this drug to the maximum. As a weight treatment option, Belviq has the potential to enjoy huge worldwide sales and bring in the kind of revenue and profit margin that Arena needs right now. People struggling with obesity are on the increase not only in the US, but also all over the world, hence the huge potential Belviq has in remedying this situation.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ARNA) will need Eisai’s expertise and connections in marketing Belviq, now that it has filed for the withdrawal of its application for obesity drug regulatory process within Europe. The reason Arena had sought regulatory approval for Belviq in Europe, was because of the drug’s close association with fenfulramine, which was blamed for heart valve failures in the late 1990s. The company can benefit greatly from the partnership with Eisai in helping it to compensate for the loss it may encounter in Europe due to the withdrawal of its regulatory application.

When Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ARNA) publishes its next financial results, quarterly or otherwise, it would be wise to look at what it has achieved in the regions where Eisai is to help market its obesity drug, Belviq.

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