Tomahawk, WI 10/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is set to release its next quarterly financial results between November 4th and 8th, 2013. This stock has faced a barrage of accusations since one of its Model S cars caught fire inexplicably and suddenly there were calls from all corners questioning the vehicle’s safety standards. However, despite the accident, which some people have called freak, the industry has a lot of positive expectations on TSLA. Every analyst you talk to is convinced that the company is not in a bad place, but that things are going on quite well.

TSLA To Post Impressive Revenue Figures

During this quarter, which ends on November 4th or 8th, Wall Street is convinced that TSLA will not post anything below $533.10 million in revenue. This is a massive amount compared to what TSLA posted last year during the same quarter. Moreover, the expectation is that the company will make profits. Very few companies could attract similar projections bearing in mind what TSLA went through. When Model S fire was reported worldwide, the stock suffered a great deal of loss, which some analysts are say will have great benefits to TSLA going forward.

Despite the company suffering a great deal of loss when one of its Model S went up in smoke, it has recovered from the loss and bad publicity. TSLA received a vote of confidence from varied quarters. The owner of the Model S car, which went up in flames, has said this is still his car of choice. He is not thinking of changing to a different model. A good numbers of these cars are being purchased. Tesla Motors Inc says that it expects to sell between 5,350 and 5,500 cars in the third quarter bearing in mind that it sold 5,150 units in North America in the second quarter.

Keenly Look at TSLA’s Balance Sheet

TSLA’s balance sheet should be remembered. This will give the industry a better look at the health of its financials. The company has succeeded in selling convertible debt in addition to stocks, and this is good for its long-term financial health. TSLA has succeeded in achieving capital raise and its position is much stronger compared to 2012 at a time such as this, when there was nothing much to be grateful for. I believe that TSLA’s long-term future depends on its ability to meet all expectations. Since Model S has received backing, TSLA must maintain this.

There is no doubt that TSLA’s stock has enjoyed an upside in the third quarter of 2013 compared to that of 2012. There are many metrics regarding TSLA, and no investor can afford to ignore them. The stock has rallied quite well until this point, but if the third quarter financial report shows that TSLA is unable to meet these expectations, I will expect the stock’s rally to be heavily disrupted. Questions regarding Model S and other types of cars made by TSLA will arise once again.

I have full faith in TSLA at this moment. November 8 is not far and we only have to wait a few days to see whether TSLA will prove us wrong or right.

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