Tomahawk, WI 11/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – When Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) first emerged, it was popular with teens across all nations in the world. Gradually, it shifted and grew in popularity among people of all age groups. This is the reason it gained universal approval and acceptance across the entire globe. It is hard to imagine that Facebook Inc would have gone public if it was purely designed for teens, who many investors believe lack the financial muscle to support a company of FB’s stature for long. A new trend has now emerged where more teens are opting to abandon FB. Why is this happening?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is the largest social network in the world. However, even with such a reputation, what is not in doubt is the fact that many teenagers are opting to look elsewhere and use services offered by other social media sites. One such site is Snapchat, which has just announced that teenagers share more than 400 million photos on its platform on a daily basis. This is huge compared to the 350 million that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has reported as being shared on any given day. This is not good news for FB since it shows that teens prefer another site to what it offers.

One of the biggest teen sensations, Justin Bieber, announced that he was on the verge investing more than $1 billion on a new social media site developed specifically for teenagers. The name of this site is Shots of Me. Teens now prefer to move to this site, as well as others where they will not find their parents. Similarly, teens love new stuff, and they feel that FB no longer presents what it once did, hence their decision to look elsewhere for social media networks that are suited for their needs fully. New social media sites emerge almost every year.

Teens also love their privacy, especially where they feel that their mothers and fathers are not watching. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) no longer offers them this level of privacy, especially when they want to share photos in small groups with their friends. The two most preferred sites where teens share photos and videos include What’s App and Line. As mentioned previously, Snapchat is another site where teens prefer to share photos with their contacts. Teens also prefer sites where their digital footprint is not preserved for eternity as it has always been the case with Facebook.

This news is not good for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for one major reason; revenue. It is all about the money, and if advertisers feel that Facebook is losing a significant chunk of its clients, it will not invest in the company as much as they would have done, otherwise. Advertisers love FB because it has a large base of daily active users, and they love numbers as well as exposure. FB made it easy for marketers to do their work and access markets they would probably never have been able to. If this is likely to change through the departing teens, marketers will not look at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) the same way.

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