Tomahawk, WI 10/02/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is poised to announce its third quarter results on October 30, 2013 once the markets have closed. The company will make a conference call as from 5pm on the same day in which it will discuss the challenges it has faced as well as the achievements it has been successful with thus far in 2013. A year which may not have started very well for the company, has now turned to be one of its best ever since the IPO. But the question on everybody’s tongue is whether the company’s financials will be great or not-so-great after all.

 FB’s Mission is Still Alive

Facebook continues to work towards realizing its mission of granting people all over the world to share as well as making the world a more open and connected place than it has ever been. To this end, very few can argue that the company has not achieved what it set out to do. Everywhere you go, you are likely to come across various people who love using FB to stay in touch with their families and friends from all corners of the world. There may be a few countries here and there where FB is still not allowed to operate, but by and large, it is a global brand.

 If there is one area where FB has outperformed its competitors is in mobile advertisement. When the company decided to shift a lot of its resources towards mobile ads, very few thought that this could be as successful as it has turned out. The biggest competition it now faces is from Twitter which has also opted to embrace mobile ads. Moreover, Twitter is set to launch its own IPO, probably as a follow-up of what FB once did. There could be a few things it needs to set right lest it goes through a similar ordeal to what FB went through post-IPO.

 FB Still Needs to Make Ads Adaptable to Mobile Platforms

 The challenge for FB will always be to make ads well and truly adaptable to mobile platforms and devices. A large number of advertisers are moving to mobile platforms since these devices are in more hands than PCs. The sale of PCs and laptops has fallen quite a lot compared to the emergence of tablets, and Smartphones as well as many other mobile devices. Adaptation of ads to mobile platforms has to take into account the fact that very few users are patient to wait for them to load. Therefore, speed of connection is imperative to FB’s success in this regard.

 When the third quarter results for FB are announced, I expect to see further growth of the company’s revenue, with a larger percentage coming from mobile ads. The fact that the stock has recently hit the $50-mark is something that will also have a financial bearing on the company’s quarterly results when they are announced at the end of October. The company’s results should also reflect the fact that the stock has been performing quite well since the disastrous period which followed the launch of its IPO. The stock will either outperform or underperform.

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