Tomahawk, WI 8/13/2013 (Basicsmedia) – In the world of stocks and investments, there is a time which considered right to buy, and a time when an investor should either sell or hold. As a company, EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) is one which investors need to get accustomed to. Some investors sell or buy this stock at the wrong time, when they shouldn’t, thus ending up with losses which they could have avoided had they taken some more time to research. This is the reason which informs my decision of writing this article, since I intend to help investors know whether they can buy right now, or not.


Image shows EMC market share and revenue when compared with others.

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Selecting the right stock to buy, and one which will give you the kind of returns you are hoping for, is one of the most difficult decisions individual investors have to make. Some people seem to possess an uncanny ability to choose these stocks with little difficulty, and not only that, but to select those which give them the best return on investments. EMC stock is one which many people have sought more information on so that they are better equipped to make the decisions which are considered necessary, financially sensible and rewarding.

EMC Must Work Harder Than the Competition

When you consider some of the competitors which EMC is forced to deal with, such as Hewlett-Packard Company and IBM as well as Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, then you will understand why this company with a market cap of around 56.12 billion must work hard to remain economically stable, profitable and rewarding to its collection of investors. Its EPS growth in the last five years, which stands at around 23.74%, has been much better than what you will see with its peers such as those which are mentioned in this paragraph.

Some of the fund managers tasked with the job of taking care of this stock include Ken Griffin, Simons, Steve Cohen as well as Tepper and Israel Englander. Not only are they fund managers at EMC, but they have also ensured that a reasonable portion of their capital is held in this company. This in itself is an act which shows just how much value they place on the company, and the fact that they have utmost confidence and faith in its present and are willing to invest in its future. They are not doing this against their better judgment, but are convinced with the firm.

EMC’s Bright Future

EMC has a bright future since the company’s main product or service is in providing solutions for enterprise storage and software which is used in storage area networks. There is no denying the fact that the need for storing huge volumes of data is increasingly becoming very popular across the world. This is what informs my decision of labeling EMC’s future as being bright. Globally, in 2012 this market was worth some $6.3 billion. Going forward, it is believed that by 2018 the market will be worth an impressive $48.3 billion.

North America, where EMC has its headquarters and is its main market, has more than 54% of the market share. Therefore, based on the facts stipulated here, this is a stock I would advice any individual investor to get their hands on and add on to the rest of their portfolio.

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