Tomahawk, WI 10/07/2013 (BasicsMedia) –Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the few companies which keeps launching products that do very well in the market. Everything it has thus far introduced, from iPhones to iPads and its Mac products have done very well in the market, not to forget the recently launched iOS 7. The company is not content with what it has achieved thus far. It was recently listed as the top brand in the world in terms of value, overtaking Coca Cola which had held the reins for the last decade. It was ranked ahead of Google which was in second place. Where will its next sales come from?

The key for AAPL’s successes thus far, cannot be pinned down on only one reason or factor. Several factors have all contributed towards making AAPL a success. But perhaps one of the major reasons is the fact that the company has succeeded in making products which its rivals have been hesitant to develop. AAL has proved that one needs to be bold, and get a proper understanding or appreciation of what the market expects and act accordingly. This strategy has helped it make sales which are only the envy of its rivals. Not it has focused on Indian cities.

AAPL says that if it can get a good hold on Indian cities, its sales and revenues will shoot upwards quite considerably. It has developed a strategy which will help it to sell more iPads an iPhones in the smaller Indian cities and towns. The company already has a plan which will see some 100 new stores put up in smaller Indian cities and towns. India has not been a good ground in terms of sales in the past primarily due to the carrier subsidies which led to limited adoption in the country. There is real hope that this new strategy will finally help AAPL do very well here.

The reason why AAPL finds Indian smaller cities and towns quite attractive is the fact that they are growing in prosperity at a very nice pace. Secondly, these cities and towns are attractive because their youths find AAPL devices to be quite stylish and are drawn to them. But perhaps one of the major challenges which these new stores will need to tackle is the wide gap in terms of time difference when new AAPL products are released into the market, and their arrival in India. If this gap can be eliminated, the company will be on the right path to growth in India.

It is well known that a sixth of the world’s population is in India. This makes India a very huge market which can make AAPL a very prosperous company, more than it has been thus far. The largest percentage of AAPL’s sales and revenues are from its operations in the U.S. India is already ranked third in terms of shipments for Smartphone. While AAPL has been very active in trying to dominate the Chinese market, it also needs to pay very close attention to India, since these two nations share a few common dynamics. I believe this is a good strategy by AAPL.

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