Tomahawk, WI 10/22/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has announced that it will increase its production of iPhone 5S. This comes only a few weeks after the company announced that it was cutting down on its production of iPhone 5C, whose demand had dropped, by almost a half. It appears from this announcement, that iPhone 5S is the darling of people everywhere, hence the decision by AAPL to increase its production by as much as 75%. While AAPL has not confirmed any figures regarding iPhone 5C, the decision to halve its production, helped many conclude that iPhone 5S was doing better.

AAPL Yet to Release Official Sales Figures for iPhone 5C and 5S

AAPL has not released official figures on which between iPhone 5S and 5C is doing much than the other one. However, we can obtain figures from other selling points such as Verizon Communications Inc to determine the iPhone from AAPL that is doing well in the market. Verizon recently announced that iPhone 5C had performed poorly in terms of sales during the third quarter of 2013. AAPL has not said that iPhone 5C has proven to be unsuccessful, and I think it is still early days to make such a conclusion, since it was only re-launched in September.

These announcements from AAPL regarding reduced production of iPhone 5C and increased production of iPhone 5S, gives us an idea of what to expect in terms of sales when the next quarterly financial results are announced. I know that iPhone 5S will report higher sales compared to iPhone 5C. I think the amount of revenue the company will get from iPhone 5S will be much higher compared to iPhone 5C. This is enough proof that iPhone 5S brings more profits per unit to AAPL, compared to iPhone 5C, which is more or less a burden to this tech giant now.

AAPL May Reduce iPhone 5C Prices

I think AAPL will be forced to think about lowering iPhone 5C’s prices. This is not something that would be welcome in the Smartphone world, where cheap does not always guarantee success. Moreover, iPhone 5C is being marketed as the cheapest iPhone model to have come out of AAPL, yet it has not attracted the kind of sales the company and the rest of the industry was expecting. The lack of success in terms of sales where iPhone 5C is concerned creates some sort of a dent on AAPL, which has been privileged to come up with items that are in great demand.

Expect Increase in AAPL Sales Figures in Q4 of 2013

Although there is some level of competition between iPhone 5S and 5C, the former seems to be winning this battle, if the latest sales figures are anything to go by. What is more is the fact that the company has sold more iPhone gadgets in this third quarter of 2013, than may have been expected. While AAPL may not have good news when it reports its fourth quarter financial results where iPhone 5C is concerned, I think iPhone 5S sales will more than make up for the shortcomings of the former. I know that AAPL investors will enjoy yet another great quarter.

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