Tomahawk, WI 11/05/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) continues to attract attention and remain in news for various reasons. A few weeks ago, TSLA was on the news precisely because its Model S caught fire in such a bizarre fashion and caused a lot of despair and concern in the industry as a whole. There are stories flying all over to the effect that TSLA is about to be bought. This is rather strange considering that there has never been a hint to the effect that TSLA night be looking for a buyer of any kind, and is the reason I think the stories are nothing more than rumors.

Stories Linking Google and Tesla are Speculative

I believe that the stories emerging right now to the effect that TSLA is to be bought are designed for speculative purposes. No one denies that TSLA has faced worse times in the last few weeks, and last week was no exception. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Apple Inc could be about to place a bid for TSLA. Now, Google Inc’s name has been thrown into the hat as one of the possible buyers of TSLA. This is understandable considering that TSLA has not achieved the sort of recognition they were hoping for all over the world and faces some serious competition.

If Google Inc was to place an actual bid for TSLA, I would not be shocked. Google Inc has already proven that it is not afraid to make investments that are probably outside of what people think it should be doing. Google Inc has the expertise and financial power to make such a bid, and probably drive TSLA into a completely new era. This is the second time that Google Inc’s name comes up where a bid for TSLA is mentioned, but I am not totally convinced about its authenticity. As I said earlier, such a bid would not come as much of a shocker to me.

Google’s Bid for Tesla Would be Good

A bid for TSLA by Google Inc would not be a bad idea. Google already has plans to introduce a self-driving car in the next few years. If it can merge its technologies with what Tesla Motors Inc uses to manufacture its electric vehicles, it has the capacity of creating a much larger company that dominates the auto industry all over the world. TSLA currently boasts of some of the wealthiest clients and its auto manufacturing technologies are of premium quality. Therefore, it has the right appeal of the kind of investment that Google Inc would be pleased to make.

TSLA presents Google Inc with an attractive proposition. It may save huge sums of money by buying TSLA outright and using it to launch or provide the platform for launching its self-driving car. It makes perfect sense for Google Inc to start thinking of such possibilities. The only question that needs to be addressed is what happens now that TSLA has not said it is on the market for a buyer. Is Elon Musk, TSLA’s CEO, ready to put this company in the market? I am not convinced that the deal could be about to go down, but I cannot rule it out though.

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