Tomahawk, WI 02/04/2014 (BasicsMedia) – At times, it is better for a company to think of different ways of doing things rather than sticking to the same old strategies that have not brought as much revenue as it desired. This is what ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) has opted to do by changing its marketing strategy, which has served it quite well in its 139-year history. By changing its marketing strategy, ADT is embarking on something entirely new, and which it has not been known for in the past. The company has just released the new marketing campaign that will possibly help it to attract new customers and better sales.

In the past, ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) designed its campaigns to focus on emergency incidents and how customers could protect their products from such dangers. Such incidents included fire, theft, or carbon monoxide. However, under the new marketing campaign, the company is placing just as much emphasis on the day-to-day security concerns that customers have to grapple with on a regular basis. Under this new marketing campaign, customers receive a reminder from ADT Corp that security is a matter of feelings in addition to being the state of one’s mind.

The new marketing campaign will engage customers in a new way, across the nation. The ads will appear on digital platforms, as well as on television and radio. Customers will see the new ads through direct sources as well as through social media sites. Some of the platforms that ADT will use to market issues regarding security will only be available for public consumption from the middle of February. The new ads are meant to create awareness about security concerns that people feel everyday, and what they can do to mitigate or eliminate such worries.

Using these new ads, ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) hopes to convince its customers that it has the best solution that will eliminate all worries regarding the security or insecurity of their prized possessions. An example of such a solution is when you use ADT Pulse on your mobile device and use it to lock the back door in your house, which you probably left open in your rush to get out of the house in the morning. With ADT Pulse, you are assured of greater level of convenience and control over areas in your life that you would struggle to accept as being as secure as you would want.

ADT also provides customers with really fast monitoring services, thus allowing them to be at rest and not overly worried about the day-to-day security concerns. These are just a few aspects that the new ad campaign highlights regarding the products and services offered by ADT Corp. With the new ad campaigns, it seems that ADT’s reputation of offering adequate protection to what its customers value the most will continue. The company hopes that with this new ad campaign, customers will find something that resonates with the modern lifestyle.

ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) has not stuck to the past ad campaigns. It has found a new way of creating products that customers can identify with, and invest in without difficulty. This will help create a demand for its products, thus improving sales, and pushing its revenue higher than it has been in the recent past.

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