Tomahawk, WI 9/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) provides banking, investments and securities management services at a global scale. The company serves a number of high net-worth individuals as well. The company has always prided itself in the fact that it wasn’t seriously affected by the financial meltdown of 2008, which led to near-collapse of the banking sector in the US and the rest of the world as well. Lately, its stock has not been doing quite well and this has started creating a lot of excitement considering its size and involvement with other stocks.

 GS Involved in Most IPOs

 Whenever there is an IPO anywhere in the world, especially among globally recognized companies, one of the names you will hear of, is that of GS. This is because it has made a name as one of the top providers of financial and investment services all over the world. It is also relied upon quite a lot in terms of rating other stocks and how they will perform in stock exchanges across the globe. The important role played by GS is also seen in the fact that the company is well known in gold trade and its activities here are closely monitored.

 GS Remains an Attractive Stock and Employer

 GS has been included in the list of the most attractive stocks for quiet some time now. It is ranked behind Google in terms of being considered the most attractive employers. It is ahead of companies such as Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Coca-Cola and PwC as well as Deloitte. Any time you see a company being listed as a preferred employer, it is often a sign that its own employees are fully confident about its health. As a preferred employer, it is, therefore, quite strange to see the fortunes of a company of GS’ size and stature experiencing a dip in form in its stock.

 If a company of GS’ influence and size starts to underperform, this could jeopardize a number of industries across the globe. The company is being hired to be the underwriter in a number of initial public offers by companies operating in different industries all over the globe. If it is unable to function or perform its duties and roles as expected, the company will lead to a Tsunami-like effect across the board which will not be good for the economies of nations and financial results or performance of many large companies. Investors will also be affected.

 Several industries and companies need a healthy GS. It is for this reason that I hope the recent sluggish performance by this stock is not too huge and that the company will continue posting spectacular results. I don’t think anyone should be worried though about GS. As things stand, the company is in a wonderful place financially. It is a global brand in terms of banking and financial services, and the world needs it to continue helping other companies in the area of investments, and restructuring, so as to turn them into profitable rather than loss-making entities.

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