Tomahawk, WI 10/14/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is a global brand; of that, there is no doubt at all. But it’s interesting that the company doesn’t already have a store in each of the major markets in the world. While it already has regional markets, not every country is covered, and one only wonders how much revenue the company can get through opening more stores in newer markets all over the world. This is one of the most popular companies in the entire globe and this has helped it open new stores all over the world, which have gone on to do extremely well.

 AAPL Values Turkey

AAPL has stated that it is now on the verge of opening up a new retail store in Turkey. This is one of the country’s where people, especially those who love and are very enthusiastic about AAPL products, are often forced to wait a bit longer before they get the latest gadgets from this popular company. This is now about to change as AAPL plans to put up a new retail store in Turkey. The presence of this retail store means that everyone in Turkey who wants AAPL products, will get them immediately they are launched just like their counterparts elsewhere.

 AAPL Only Has Retail Stores in 12 Countries

AAPL may be very popular but this may not be too evident when one considers the fact that Turkey is now projected to be the 13th country which hosts even one Apple Inc store. This is clear indication that AAPL mostly makes sales through online stores. It is the dominant maker and seller of Smartphone devices. The recent release of iPhone 5S and 5C are only two of the products which cemented AAPL’s position as the company of choice in terms of Smartphone devices, iPads and iOS. It already has a ready market for its products in Turkey.

AAPL Still Very Popular Despite Running Retail Stores in Only 12 Countries

AAPL has a very special quality which makes it still enjoy a lot of popularity despite lack of retail stores in many countries. The fact that AAPL is putting up a retail store in Turkey is going to work wonders for it in many ways. The Turkish people are likely to respond well to this strategy since they now feel valued by AAPL enough for them to put up a retail store in Istanbul. More customers are likely to buy directly from this retail store. Customers in Turkey who may have been afraid to buy online in the past, will now place their orders directly from the store.

AAPL already enjoys presence in twelve countries around the globe, where it operates around 400 retail stores. The retail store it wants to put up in Turkey is only but the first of many, at least that is what I think. Once the store starts picking up in terms of sales and revenue, I foresee AAPL putting up more retail stores in the country. This store will not just make a contribution to AAPL’s bottom-line, but it is also going to be of great benefit to customers, who will now be able to enjoy the full experience provided at any Apple Inc store.

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