Tomahawk, WI 10/10/2013 (BasicsMedia) – If you have been following news by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), then you must be aware that the company released iPhone 5C and 5S not so long ago in September 2013. The company’s sales picked up tremendously afterwards leading to millions of the two products being sold in a period of only three days after their launch. To be more precise, close to 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C were sold within a three day period after their launch. This has led to a lot of questions being raised on whether AAPL depends solely on iPhones and may need to revive iPad once more.

 AAPL May Start Being Called a One-Product Company

 If AAPL doesn’t focus on other products soon, such as its iPad, which it seems to have given very little attention to compared to iPhone, it risks being labeled a one product company. If this was to happen, it wouldn’t be good for AAPL, since it could transform it into another Microsoft Corporation, or a Hewlett-Packard which have both seen their stocks depreciate as a result of the falling demand for PCs. Microsoft is making attempts to improve its stock by diversifying into other products it considers vital for its future existence and relevance in the technology industry.

 AAPL doesn’t have to do a lot of work in order to revive its iPad, to compliment what its iPhone 5C and 5S are already doing in terms of revenue and sales.  The iPhone devices already come fitted with a 64-bit chip which analysts believe could be vital for the revival of iPad. AAPL could ask its engineers to invest more in seeing how the chip can be integrated into the already-existing iPad. Alternatively, the company could take a completely different tangent and ask its engineers and product developers to come up with an entirely new iPad.

 AAPL Should Stop Ignoring Macs Too

It is not just the iPad which needs the company’s efforts aimed at reviving it. Macs were perhaps the first products which AAPL came up with to rival what companies such as IBM had brought into the market. Macs have also been given a backseat by AAPL, but it could be the right time to look for ways of reviving them to give the company more than one revenue stream to depend on. There is a lot of danger for a company of AAPL’s caliber to focus on a single product and depend on it for revenue seeing how the technology industry keeps shifting frequently.

I fully agree that any firm which operates in the technology industry, cannot afford the risk of relying entirely on a single product the way AAPL has started doing with iPhone. The company has done well to prove that it still has an eye on the Operating System arena through its recent release of iOS 7, which is a huge change from all the previous editions and versions of iOS. But it has to do more than it has done thus far, and the right place to start is by finding ways of reviving iPad. AAPL owes this much to its investors and the industry as a whole.

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