Tomahawk, WI 10/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)) and BlackBerry Ltd have been two of the largest makers of Smartphone products in the last decade or so. When Smartphone devices gained worldwide acclaim, BlackBerry led this industry. Nevertheless, things have now changed to a point where AAPL is the runaway leader in this industry. No other company comes close to AAPL in terms of dominating the Smartphone war. Recently, a number of analysts have been suggesting that AAPL should place a bid for BlackBerry now that the latter is open to offers from all quarters.

 Apple Inc’s Past Acquisitions Have Been Low Scale

AAPL is yet to make a huge acquisition in the scale of what Microsoft Corporation has done with its acquisition of other firms such as Nokia’s hardware division and Skype. The belief in the industry is that now that BlackBerry is on the market for a suitable buyer of the company, AAPL has the opportunity to change things. AAPL has made acquisitions in the past, where it has bought other businesses, but it has never spent upwards of $1 billion on a single venture. This is not a call on AAPL to make an acquisition purely for non-strategic reasons.

 AAPL generally appears to be a company that is solid and stable. One would struggle to identify the mistakes in such a company, especially now that it has emerged as the best brand in the entire world after overtaking Coca Cola, which has occupied that hallowed spot in close to 13 years. If there is one thing the market agrees on it is the fact that Apple Inc is yet to pull a move like those carried out by Microsoft with its Office and Windows, or BlackBerry as the preferred device at work place. If AAPL buys BlackBerry, this will help it learn how to undertake such activities.

Apple Inc Can Help End BlackBerry’s Struggles

BlackBerry’s struggles are almost becoming legendary, but this has not prevented other corporate organizations from using its software. The belief is that BBRY has the best software in terms of security features and usability. However, now that BBRY’s struggles continue to pile up and corporate organizations are unsure about the company’s future existence, they are looking elsewhere. If AAPL is to place a bid for BBRY and it is accepted, corporate firms would welcome such a scenario since it will help them continue using BlackBerry’s famed software.

 BlackBerry’s value from an enterprise perspective is still among the best despite its recent struggles. This perfect scenario can be of great benefit to AAPL. Apple Inc has already built a strong brand, which is renowned for innovativeness. It is the perfect partner for BlackBerry and has the capacity to turn around the latter’s fortunes. AAPL may need a lot of time in order to turn the fortunes of BlackBerry around completely. BBRY has been struggling for many years now, thus a lot of work is required to achieve this turn it into a company that makes profits once again.

AAPL is the one firm with the capacity to help BBRY retain its place in the market. Therefore, it should not hesitate to place a formal bid for the outright purchase of BBRY. The tech industry would benefit from such a move.

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