Tomahawk, WI 8/11/2013 (Basicsmedia) – As one of the foremost online travel companies, Inc (NASDAQ:PCLN), or, Inc has been providing its services tom its clients since 1997 when it was founded. You can get hotel reservation services regardless of which corner of the world you are located in. The fact that more than 270,000 of its properties are located in more than 170 countries worldwide is in itself one of the reasons why Priceline.Com has succeeded thus far as an online travel company. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why investors are quite optimistic with PCLN.

What Do We Learn from PCLN Latest Quarterly Financial Results?

When Priceline.Com announced its latest financial results, it was discovered that the company had released earnings. Moreover, its profits had likewise increased by more than 24%, and this in itself is some wonderful news. It appears that the majority of its increased revenues and profits were as a result of the huge boost in its booking services it received from clients all over the world. Secondly, the company has a very strong presence in both Asia and Europe and this must have played a role in increasing the profits, and issuing earnings to its numerous investors.

What Should PCLN Do To Cement Its Top Ranking in the Industry?, Inc or Priceline.Com is considered to the biggest player in this industry. There are very few companies which can match up, with the closest being Orbitz, which enjoyed similar wonderful news in terms of earnings.  There have been suggestions to the effect that Priceline.Com should swallow its competitors up through acquisitions.  Those of this opinion suggest that this will help the company retain its loyal customers, while getting guaranteed new ones from its competitors such as Orbitz. I think this could work either way and isn’t a guarantee of success.

Personally, I think it is best for Priceline.Com top continue on the same path it has been on all along. By existing and continuing to operate as it has always done, this will help it to get to the next stage of growth, without being encumbered by more worries in the form of acquisitions and buyouts. The fact that Priceline.Com stock is on its way towards reaching the $1,000 per share should be clear to everyone concerned that the company is in a very good state right now. However, I’d advice against determining its value solely from the stock price.


This image, courtesy of, shows how PCLN stock outperforms its competitors.

More importantly, I would advice investors to take a look at the company’s valuation before doing anything else. Currently, based on what I have primarily seen, I would say that the Priceline.Com is doing very well. This is one of the stocks which has the capacity to make you retire a very rich person, if you are still working, that is.  If you have been on the lookout for companies which will give you a more than impressive return on investment, I would strongly recommend Priceline.Com for you. Spare the $1,000 to buy a steak in this company, and see it growing to $47,000 plus.

Priceline.Com is a stable company, and I believe that it is yet to reach its peak, thus offering more opportunities for making money to its investors and shareholders.

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