Tomahawk, WI 8/26/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is all about developing software products, solutions and services which benefit corporate firms as well as individual consumers. Its operating systems are found in more PCs than perhaps any of its competitors’. There are reports that the company is planning a massive shakeup within its top executives’ positions. This is meant to make it attractive and get the leadership it needs to propel it further ahead bearing in mind that it has also suffered somewhat due to loss in revenue which has resulted out of reduced PC sales. Will this strategy help MSFT out?

MSFT CEO Set to Retire Within a Year

One of the most shocking news to come out of MSFT is that its chief executive, and perhaps one of the people who are synonymous with the company, Steve Ballmer is set to retire in the next twelve months. It is worth noting that this piece of news is strange considering that less than a month ago, he gave what is believed to be the company’s change in focus in how it operates as a business. It was expected that he would be around to undertake these changes personally, and help the company move forward into a new era. The system has been put in place to choose a new CEO who will take the company forward.


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MSFT Sees Its Stock Increase

This piece of news was received quite well within the market. MSFT’s stock increased by 6.7% the moment this piece of news was announced. Within the last one year, the company has seen its stock jump by close to 29%. What this has done is to boost the company’s market value by about $20 billion. Investors have never failed to voice their criticism of how MSFT was being run by Ballmer, bearing in mind that mobile gadgets in addition to Internet services had emerged to present real threats to what had been a very lucrative and profitable company or stock for them. Hopefully, this will now change.

MSFT hasn’t slept while its competitors release one product after the other. The company has released is own tablet which is styled as a computer, to compete directly with what is already in the market. Internet services and mobile gadgets have contributed to an erosion of what the company had always enjoyed as a market leader. But there is hope that the new CEO will be someone with the ability to serve the company for a much longer time to come than Ballmer has done since 2000, when he was appointed to this position. Investors are waiting to see who will be appointed to this very hot seat.

MSFT Is Still Making Profits

Let no one tell you that MSFT is no longer profitable. Its profitability is not in question, and isn’t the reason for this change of CEO or top management. This change is only designed to reassure investors and the public at large who use MSFT products of the fact that the company is geared for success in the long term. The company is already at a good moment with its production and sale of smartphones and tablets, which is the new area it wants to focus on, now that PC sales are not as lucrative as they once were. Wit this change, investors have every reason to be optimistic about what the future holds for their investments.

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