Tomahawk, WI 01/23/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) has been doing well because majority of wireless users in the US has shot up quite significantly, and almost all of them use Smartphone devices. However, if you look at China, you will discover that it does not have numbers that are anywhere near what you see in the US, despite being the world’s most populous country by far. A close look at the figures from China will show you that its wireless subscribers do not love Smartphones, where less than half of them use these gadgets. This is what AAPL finds attractive and has limitless possibilities.

AAPL Enters into Partnership with China Mobile

If AAPL can get its house in order, and go fully in pursuit of the China market, it will see a huge upturn in its already remarkable financial results. China has an increasing number of consumers whose love for 3G technology is legendary. The fact that AAPL has entered into a deal with China Mobile, creates room for better financial results, due primarily to improved revenues and profits. A better understanding of this picture is seen in Verizon’s statement that 70% of its subscribers prefer using Smartphones, compared to 34% across all China networks.

What this figures actually mean is that close to 813 million people in China are currently not using Smartphone gadgets despite having subscribed to wireless technology. The 3G subscribers in China are growing at a faster rate, more than what you would find anywhere else in the world. The sales figures for smartphones in China have gone up by close to 79%, which means Apple Inc will find a ready market in this country. Since half of Apple Inc’s revenues come from sales of iPhones, the numbers in China mean there is greater opportunity for the company to do more.

AAPL’s Revenues in 2014 Will Increase Massively

These big numbers simply mean that Apple has greater opportunities to see its revenues growing substantially in 2014. Even if the number of wireless subscribers in the country were to reduce to 50%, that would still give Apple Inc the chance to market and sale its products to close to 208 million people in China, which would still represent huge opportunities. China Mobile remains the largest carrier in the world, and the deal it has with Apple Inc presents huge possibilities for the latter to improve its iPhone sales in China, thus boosting its revenues in 2014.

China Mobile has 191.6 million 3G subscribers, which shows that it has added more than 10 million new users into its network. To get a better appreciation of what AAPL faces, China Mobile has more than 575 million subscribers who are yet to tap into its 3G services. What this indicates is that AAPL should post better revenues from China and within its international operations more than it has done in the previous years to date. Analysts are bullish that AAPL will post more than 19 million new iPhone sales in China, in 2014 alone.

Apple Inc already enjoys the reputation of being the world’s largest brand, but with the opportunities it has in China, it could cement its place at the top of the pyramid in not only 2014, but also for a long time to come.

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