Tomahawk, WI 8/13/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) remains one of the major players or companies operating in the information technology services industry. The company has been around since 1906 when it was formed and continues to provide some world class services in terms of document management and business process. The beauty about this company is that its stock is not as expensive as the others in the market, at least at this moment. Analysts are of the opinion that this is the right time to invest in this company’s stock, so let’s consider the reasons for this.


Image shows difference in P/E Ration between XRX, IBM and Accenture.

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XRX Cheap Stock is Attractive

The fact that XRX has one of the cheapest stocks quoted at NYSE makes it a worthy investment for anyone interested in this sort of investment. This is a stock you can be certain will give you great value for your money. The fact that the company is run admirably and this appears set to continue for awhile is added bonus. The stability of the company is one of the factors which make this a very attractive investment option. Compare XRX stock against those of its erstwhile competitors such as IBM and Accenture and you will see just how cheap it is.

XRX May Not Perform As Well As its Competitors

There is a possibility that the company won’t perform to the same levels of its competitors such as IBM, Cisco and Accenture, to mention but just a few. This is the general consensus among the industry experts and Wall Street analysts. However, this is not to say that the company will fail. To the contrary, what the experts are saying is that there won’t be too much of a radical shift from the way Xerox has always performed. This is the kind of stock that is all about stability, although its low valuation makes it attractive in terms of boosting the dividend yield.

Reasons Why XRX Low Expectations are Attractive

These low expectations which some analysts are citing as the reason why they won’t dash to invest in XRX stock, are things which I love about the company. This is because the company won’t be bogged down by too much expectation which if it fails to deliver on, will see Xerox being labeled a failure. The absence of too much expectation from the market or industry, in which XRX belongs, is to be taken positively. The industry expects XRX to deliver 6.75% growth, which is easier to achieve compared to Accenture’s 11.4%, which is hard to come by.

When you bring all the stocks of the Accenture, IBM and XRX together, you will notice one undisputable fact; XRX stocks pay the best. Take a look at the money you will pay to buy the stock, and then compare it against what you will receive from this deal, and you will learn that very few companies or stocks in this industry can give you anything closer to this. There are fewer companies which generate similar levels of real cash profits compared with what you will get from Xerox. I consider this to be the right time to invest in this stock and wait for the returns.

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