Tomahawk, WI 8/21/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has never responded to the market like it should have done in the past since its IPO exercise. Investors had grown jittery about the prospects of this company which were expected to be much better than what has been reported ever since. Lately, there have been a few improvements which have helped to create a better image about the entire financial health and performance of a company of FB’s stature. It has been reported that the company is on its way towards leaving a positive and permanent mark in the stock market.

FB’s Stock is on the Mend

If the latest stock market reports and analysts’ estimates are to be taken seriously, the company is on the mend. This is good news for investors who can now start looking forward to some great return on their investments, than what they had been accustomed to in the last year or so. The direction which FB’s stock had taken in the past few months, had led some investors to question whether they would ever get their money back or not. Currently, reports indicate that FB can still get to the $50 per share probably in this year, but if it fails to, next year is still a possibility.

There are a few drivers which I believe make FB a worthy stock to invest in. If these drivers are used aggressively and correctly, the company is on its way towards achieving great success. One instrument which FB can make use of to see a major upturn in its fortune is that of mobile ads. The latest results indicate that one out of every five lovers or users of Facebook, do so from their mobile devices. This has been on the increase from 2010 to 2013 as the chart below shows. Mobile ads can therefore, be one of the major drivers to turn FB’s outlook from bad to good.


Other Measures FB Must Do to Turn its Fortunes Around

The other two areas where FB can undertake a few adjustments designed to turn its fortunes around include scaling its latest investments, in addition to increasing the demand for segmenting the market. I believe that with the right strategies, the revenue FB gets from mobile ads can reach up to $21 billion and above by 2015. This is due to the fact that this area has witnessed a lot of growth in the recent years and months. As this aspect gets customized and the reach of FB is improved, mobile ads have the capacity to singly change the fortunes of this company.

There is a project being mooted to the effect that FB can align its ads with those carried out on TVs during prime time. Customers have the capacity of fast forwarding ads carried out in prime time to move to what they want to watch. However, they are not doing this, or at least those doing it are fewer than those who don’t. This presents FB with a golden opportunity to carry out ads during prime time, and improve its revenue, and possibly the profits as well. FB has more opportunities to achieve the kind of financial success its investors are demanding.

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