Tomahawk, WI 02/04/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Flextronics International Ltd (NASDAQ:FLEX) has joined other major Wall Street companies that are convinced of the need to take some painful yet necessary actions that will help to improve their stocks. Consequently, the company has opted to announce that it will not be working from its Longview location any more, in what it refers to as a steady but slow shutdown that has been going on for sometime, behind the scene. The Longview closure will affect around 80 employees that have worked for FLEX and helped it in achieving all its previous goals.

Flextronics is based in Singapore. The decision to shutdown its facilities in Longview and end the employment of some of its employees, is part of several cost-cutting measures that Flex has put in place. Most of these cost-cutting measures will be evident with the passage of time. The company intends to implement all these measures during the current quarter, in the hope that once this is done, it will be on a sound footing financially and attract investor confidence. One of the company’s executives said that FLEX decided to shutdown its Longview operations in 2013.

The fact that Flextronics is ending its operations in Longview, does not mean that it will not have a presence in Texas going forward. Flextronics International Ltd (NASDAQ:FLEX) intends to keep its operations in Texas by moving to other locations within this great state in the US. It has also offered employees two options tat they can choose depending on what thy want. If employees still want to continue working for Flextronics, they can accept the company’s transfer opportunities. For employees who feel that their time at FLEX is over, they have the option of choosing the company’s severance package.

Within Texas, in addition to its operations that were based at Longview, the company also has others in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. One of the company’s biggest projects has been to build the generation of Motorola’s smartphones, which it does in Texas. Flextronics is not only a manufacturer of technology, but also an engineer, designer, and provider of logistics services that are used within the telecommunications industry, as well as others. Flextronics boasts of facilities that are located all over the world, which serve numerous industries, but just telecom.

It is instructive that Flextronics International Ltd (NASDAQ:FLEX) bought the Longview plant from Alcatel Lucent SA (ADR) (NYSE:ALU), and as part of the deal that gave it this piece of property, it promised to continue operating here for a minimum of two years. The decision to close shop at Longview was made around 18 months ago, but the company has always opted to push the actual date forward. The decision has ramifications for the Longview building that Flextronics has been using as its base for the last few years. The body in charge of developmental issues in Longview says it will struggle t o get tenants for the building.

As it is usually the case whenever a company says that it will shutdown some of its facilities or ask its employees to leave, the decision by Flextronics International Ltd (NASDAQ:FLEX) could draw the ire of workers. Once a company embarks on cost-cutting measures, it is often hard to tell who will be affected. It is harder to tell when such measures will stop, and give employees the reprieve they need.

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