Tomahawk, WI 10/03/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) has a market value of around $74 billion. Analysts appear to have a favorable view of this stock. The love they have for the stock is due to a variety of reasons. Among the top 30 most preferred stocks, GS tends to be listed among them by many analysts. I fully believe that there are genuine reasons behind this move on the part of analysts. But all the same, just like other major U.S. financial institutions, the bank has had its fair share of lawsuits in the wake of the financial depression of 2008. This has not affected its attractiveness.

 GS is a Sought-After Financial Advisor

 GS is often sought by corporations and governments as well as wealthy individuals in need of financial advice. Companies which are planning on going into mergers or making new acquisitions often seek GS out since it is a respected brokerage firm in this regard not only in the U.S but throughout the rest of the world as well. It may have been affected severely by some of the legislation which the U.S. government has passed in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, but this has not stopped it from being one of the most preferred stocks in the market.

 The company has been successful in terms of altering its operations based on the new legislations which the government has passed. How it does its proprietary trading has been affected as much as private equity funds, investments as well as hedge funds. The fees that it receives from the Federal Reserve have also been affected as a result of the new government legislation. The success the company has enjoyed in making these adjustments is probably one of the reasons why investors and analysts alike are still convinced about is attractiveness as a stock.

Major Areas Where GS Obtains its Revenue

 More than a half of all the revenue GS obtains is from the provision of institutional client services. Here, the company trades and makes investments on behalf of its clients. Some of the revenue the company gets here include fees from securities, fixed income, equities, commissions and fees, currency as well as commodities. More than a fifth of the company’s revenue is often from its investing and lending division. Slightly over 10% of its revenue is obtained from advice and services it provides to its clients in the area of investment management.

 These are just but a few factors which are responsible for making GS one of the most sought after stocks in the market. It has been doing quite well compared to other similar stocks in the land and is not considered loss making stock the way others are. Its retail brokerage sales force may not be as extensive as others but they are still good enough to ensure that the bank is ranked among the best in the market. A large percentage of its revenue is from sales and trading which has benefited the company quite a lot.

Some of the company’s major competitors include Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co, UBS AG, Lazard and Citigroup.

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