Tomahawk, WI 10/08/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There is no doubting the fact that BlackBerry Inc has been struggling quite a lot to stay in business. These struggles have forced the company to think of ways in which it can be bought as a whole by new investors. It has even contemplated selling some of its assets to the investors or buyers who are interested in them. One such company which has been linked with BlackBerry in this manner is Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). The question remains whether GOOG will actually make the move to buy BlackBerry or spend on only some of its assets as is reported.

 Fairfax Financial Holdings remains the only company which has thus far placed an official bid to buy BlackBerry for a sum of around $4.7 billion. But there is real possibility that the company intends to look at other buyers first before accepting the offer which its largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings, has placed on the table. GOOG remains one of the companies which have received documents from BlackBerry asking it to make an offer. The latter has asked GOOG to send its preliminary expression of interest at least by next week.

Other companies which are reported to have received similar documents from BlackBerry asking them to send their preliminary expressions of interest include Cisco, LG Electronics, SAP, Intel Corp and Samsung Electronics. However, GOOG and the other companies are yet to confirm whether they have actually received these documents from BlackBerry or not. It looks as if all potential investors in BlackBerry are unwilling to publicly state that they are interested in this company or not. GOOG appears to have taken the similar vow of silence regarding BlackBerry.

If GOOG was to make a successful bid for BlackBerry, this would not come as a shock to me, or any other analyst and investor who have kept a close eye on this stock. GOOG has built a solid reputation where it has made a number of acquisitions outside of what it is known for. The company is mainly a major player in the technology industry. It is ranked second behind only Apple Inc in terms of brand value, where the two have done much better than Coca Cola which has held this title for not less than the last thirteen years. It can make BlackBerry profitable.

GOOG has the expertise to turn the fortunes of BlackBerry around. If the company has now shifted into health and wellbeing industry, with its intention to invest in this sector through Calico, then it can succeed with BlackBerry bearing in mind that the latter is an operator in the technology industry as well. It is believed that the major attractions of BlackBerry, and for which GOOG may be interested, include the large patent portfolio as well as its server network, which is considered to be one of the most stable.

 At the moment, it is hard to tell if GOOG will even make an official bid. It may only show interest in certain parts of BlackBerry such as the aforementioned, or buy the whole business.

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