Tomahawk, WI 11/05/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is the world’s most dominant Internet search engine and company. During its 15 years of existence, GOOG has grown into a global brand. It is third behind Apple Inc and Coca Cola in terms of worldwide recognition. Currently, GOOG is the most sought after tech stock in the world. However, GOOG struggles with a small problem; the allegations that the U.S government uses its services to spy on its clients. These are allegations, but the company needs to find solid evidence to show if this is true or not.

Scary Ramifications of NSY Spying Activities

This is a very serious matter with scary ramifications if it really emerges that the U.S government has used GOOG’s services to spy on people across the world, not only in the U.S. The regular users of GOOG’s services could opt to abandon Google Inc services and use the products and services of its main rivals. Thus far, the company’s top executives have said they were unaware of the government’s activities, and that they have been taken aback by these allegations in much the same way like the rest of the world has been shocked at the situation.

Google Inc has even elaborated that they are willing to institute legal action against the U.S government should it be proven that they indeed used its services for spying purposes. NSA is the U.S government’s body that is accused of carrying out spying activities using Google Inc’s products and services. If proven, GOOG could take legal action against the U.S government accusing the latter of breaching people’s privacy. The case has widespread ramifications in the tech world, and other companies in this industry are following the situation very closely.

Google Meets with Top U.S Government Institutions

GOOG has kick-started the process of making its reservations about these allegations known to the authorities. It has filed complaints with the U.S Congress, the National Security Agency, and President Barack Obama. However, NSA has come out to deny these allegations saying that it has no access to servers of both Google Inc and Yahoo! Inc among other tech firms. NSA says that whenever they need to look at servers of these two companies, it does so after obtaining court orders. These allegations are difficult to prove, but more information may emerge later.

It is still early days for me to say with certainty that GOOG has a solid case. Similarly, I cannot say with certainty whether NSA is saying the truth that it does not have any access to the servers of Google Inc. Through its executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, says that NSA collected information from close to 320 million of regular Google Inc users. The government will not stop with its eavesdropping activities, and the U.S Congress will not ask it to stop. I see tighter controls being introduced so the government does not abuse its powers.

If GOOG discovers that these allegations are true and it decides to institute legal action against the U.S government, I think they will be perfectly within their rights to pursue justice to protect the brand.

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