There are very few companies which come up at different points in our lives to play such an integral role in our lives. One such company is Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). More analysts have given GOOG stock a buy and strong buy rating compared to those who have labeled it a hold or sell combined. According to many analysts, investors should not part with more than $968.87 when buying each share of this stock. Our intention here is to take a look at the reasons why GOOG still enjoys the buy rating from analysts, and why this hasn’t changed even in 2013.

Google Obsessed with New and Better Products

Google Inc continues to invest in coming up with newer and better products. It has made a name for itself as perhaps the biggest search engine on the Internet today. However, this has not prevented GOOG from trying its hands in many other products. This is a company that never shies off from making newer acquisitions if it believes the company it is buying has a product which it can tweak a bit and package better to make more sales, revenue and profits for its investors. After all, this is a company which makes close to $14 billion in revenue every quarter.

Google Serving the entire Internet Ecosystem

The Internet has several ecosystems and GOOG has thus far managed to make itself relevant in most of them. This is a company with such a strong presence in everything to do with the Internet. Some of these ecosystems include paid search, mobile platforms, video platforms, web browsing and integrated ad exchange. If you were to carry out a search on all these ecosystems and aspects of the Internet, you will discover that Google Inc is well represented and performs much better than some of its major competitors. These reasons make GOOG a must own stock.


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There are fewer stocks which I would buy and endeavor to hold on to for the rest of my life. GOOG certainly falls into this category. This is the kind of stock which opens the doors for me into a future which you may only have dreamt of. If you have long term interests which you seek to address through your investments, GOOG must be included in your portfolio. Moreover, there are chances that the investors holding this stock may be unwilling to trade them. However, you can always chance upon one who is willing to do some business and offload a few of his stock.

Google’s Diversification is Admirable

GOOG is interested in coming up with more than one product. This is indicative of its desire to diversify and give it a much better chance of surviving as a business even if anything drastic were to happen thus limiting its influence as the world’s premier and most dominant search engine. If nothing else convinces you, then what I have stated above should give you a clear indication of just how prudent and well-managed Google Inc is. The fact that the stock is currently priced at slightly less than $1,000 per share should tell you how valued it is.

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