Tomahawk, WI 10/24/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There is no denying the fact that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been one of the most dominant companies ever. The company, whose market cap is more than $337 billion is a true global brand, and is currently ranked third behind both Apple Inc and Coca Cola globally. It is fierce competition with two other tech firms, Apple Inc and Facebook Inc in many aspects. It seems that its competition with Apple Inc is to see which of the two companies will hit the $1 trillion mark first. GOOG might win this war based on its cheaper products compared to Apple’s.

Google Inc’s Devices Are Cheaper Than Apple Inc’s

GOOG performs better than AAPL mostly when it comes to tablet prices. Here, whereas GOOG’s Android devices are much cheaper and affordable, Apple Inc prefers to focus on products that appeal for the high-end market. A perfect example is also seen with Google Inc’s Moto X, which sells at $99 only. This is much cheaper compared to Apple Inc’s Smartphone devices that are often sold at hundreds of dollars. Apple tried introducing a cheaper product in the market, the iPhone 5C, which is doing so poorly the company has halved its production.

The price competition could just be the tool that Google Inc uses to ensure that Apple Inc is left in the doldrums in terms of popularity, revenue and profits. Apple faces this massive competition not only from Google, but also from other companies such as Amazon, Asustek Computer Inc and Samsung, whose tablets and Smartphone devices are much cheaper and popular in emerging markets globally. Google can increase the amount of pressure put on Apple, bearing in mind the fact that the latter depends on sale of its iPad and iPhones as main sources of revenue generation.

Google Inc Diversification is Better Than Apple Inc

Other than the price aspects, GOOG seems to have diversified better than Apple Inc, and this could help it to overtake and leave the latter much farther behind. Google Inc is enjoying increased popularity with its Android, since this is now the preference of many companies producing iPads and iPhones. I see GOOG earning a lot of revenue from this area as well since many Smartphone and iPad makers are already using it and the numbers will obviously keep building up going forward. GOOG keeps adding more money into its market cap every day.

Google Inc has added more than $100 billion into its market capitalization within the last twelve months. There is no escaping from the fact that Apple Inc is still the most valuable company in the world. However, GOOG is working extra hard to reduce the gap between the two major tech stocks in the world. While Google Inc’s market cap is still lower than Apple Inc with $462.33 billion, it is encouraging to see that the company has not given up on this battle. I believe that GOOG will show it is ready to go all the way to be the first to reach market cap of $1 trillion.

GOOG’s products are still quite popular around the world, and it is the preferred search engine globally, and these two factors, together with others, are enough to help it attain its goal.

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