Tomahawk, WI 10/01/2013 (BasicsMedia) – If you need anything related to hardwood flooring and its related accessories, then one of the places where you can buy such products is Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc (NYSE:LL). It has a wide range of wood products, reported to be around 350 in total. The company succeeded in opening its three hundredth store in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2013. Recently, the company’s headquarters was raided by Federal investigators leading to a lot of excitement as to what happened to warrant such a move by the government. What factors have led to this situation?

 The company has been served with warrants by three U.S authorities. The first authority is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, while the second one is the U.S Fish and Wildlife Services. The third one as would be expected in such a situation is the U.S Department of Justice. At the moment, no information has been provided as to the reasons why the company has been served with these warrants, and at no other place than its Virginia headquarters. This lack of information as to the reasons behind such a move, has led to a lot of speculation all over.

 Has LL helped Illegal Immigrants?

 There is a strong possibility that the move by the U.S government to serve LL with the warrants is partly as a result of illegal immigrants and the role which was played by the company. I don’t think the whole company would be involved, but the government seems convinced of LL’s role in this that it has seen it befitting to issue warrants. There will be all sorts of stories being bandied around as long as now official news comes out of the government authorities. LL may also have to issue some announcement on what is happening to calm investors and the public.

The company has only said that it is willing to and is actually cooperating with these government agencies to answer a few questions regarding certain products which it was involved in importing. This does not offer much in the way of explanation but probably the company is convinced that it will suffice for now. LL is a company which has embarked on a widespread expansion across the U.S, and is to be found on some 305 locations all over the nation. It has an image and a reputation to protect, and it has to start by explaining what the warrants are about.

 Why Is Homeland Security Involved with LL’s Warrant?

 The fact that Homeland Security is also taking part in the warrants issued to LL, is indicative that there could be something much bigger than what is being reported. After all this is a government body which is tasked with investigating activities related to immigration crime, violation of human rights, cybercrime, financial crimes and terrorism. I believe the presence of Homeland Security is enough reason why LL owes an explanation to its investors and the public at large as the prolonged silence could lead to some negative feedback, and unnecessary excitement.

The public and investors can react or respond in unpleasant ways when they don’t have enough information regarding the current problems facing LL.

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