The world of integrated digitalized technology platforms is presumably dominated by Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) which is not only a designer but a manufacturer of great repute across the globe. The company is a designer, manufacturer and seller of microprocessors and chipsets. This is a company which has suffered a great deal of losses primarily as a result of the dwindling PC sales. However, it has not been left confused regarding what to do. It is proactive in taking the measures required to ensure it doesn’t lose its current share of the market.


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Intel Believes The Future is in Wearable and Smaller Devices

INTC has opted to focus its energies and efforts on producing chips which can be used on several wearable devices. This is a deliberate decision which is geared towards ensuring that the company doesn’t lose its customers to other firms, or doesn’t suffer more losses due to the dwindling PC sales. More customers are now opting to buy and use much smaller devices than the traditional desktops and laptops. Some of these mobile devices are wearable on different parts of the body, and include wristbands and wristwatches. This is where INTC has focused on.

Intel’s Quark Chips Serve Multiple Purposes

The company’s Quark chips are intended for use in a variety of products including the air conditioners, especially those with simple controllers. This is not the only action which Intel Corporation has embarked on with the intention of giving proper value to their investors. INTC’s decision to look for other ways as well, such as increasing dividends and buybacks, to give value to investors is quite laudable. This will be possible if INTC succeeds in generating more cash and plowing them back into research and product development, which is what it achieves here.

As a show of how serious the company is in producing chips for wearable devices, INTC has already proceeded to sign up new customers for these products. Consequently, what this means is that Intel has already prepared a ready market which will gobble up the products once they are launched and released for public use. Some of the customers the company has already signed up for these chips and microprocessors include U.S and the international companies. Furthermore, let me add that the relationship between Intel and Dell is sure to reap greater returns as well.

Intel Developing Two-In-One Devices

INTC is also investing heavily, together with other partners, to develop more two-in-one devices. These devices simply refer to one product which acts both as a laptop and tablet, rolled into one. I am a firm believer that if INTC takes a leading role in the field of mobile devices, its future will just be as great, if not better, than what its past has been. As the company continues to invest in winning more markets, this will be very good news especially to its investors. It shows that Intel is prepared to fight for the right to have a major presence in both existing and new markets.

The company already enjoys very good relationships with some of the companies which produce some of the most popular and easily recognized PCs. While the sale of PCs hasn’t been good, they are still a very important component within this industry. INTC is only diversifying into other products without abandoning the core feature which has defined its existence to date.

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