Tomahawk, WI 8/15/2013 (Basicsmedia) – AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) functions as a holding company, and provides telecommunications solutions both to the U.S and international market as well. Some of the services which the company provides include long distance, local exchange and wireless communication. Analysts have selected T stock as one which needs to be watched and followed very closely over the next few days until the end of the year. In this article, we take a look at the reasons why analysts have made such a decision. Is this good or bad for both the company and investors alike?


Image shows T’s revenue, net income and profit margin from 2012-2013.

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Reasons Why T Stock Must Be Watched Closely

Investors have to realize that as recently as 2012 AT&T Inc was listed as the largest telecommunications company within the U.S. This ranking was based on the fact that the company managed to post revenues of around $126 billion for the 2012 financial year. In addition to the above, the company is listed as the 32nd largest globally. It has one of the largest 4G networks of its kind in the world, added to the fact that it is one of the best communication services providers for businesses in terms of IPs. These reasons show that it should be watched.

AT&T Inc has one of the largest subscriber base in terms of U-Verse. It currently has around 8.7 million U-Verse subscribers. The company’s revenue is heavily reliant on both its U-Verse and wireless technologies, and it is difficult to tell where the company will be if these two segments were to be affected in any way. This company doesn’t only boast of some of the best and most amazing products in the telecommunications industry. It also has one of the best dividends it pays to shareholders. Since 2005, its dividend has always risen to settle at $1.76 per share.

The company has a solid 5% strong yield. It has probably the best return on investment, which is also listed as one of the most solid. Its accelerating dividend is also often cited as one of the best reasons why the stock should be in each investor’s portfolio. It has a flawless history unlike others which miss to declare dividends, or lower their dividends over time. It also enjoys an enduring quality as a stock where the company’s dividends are paid over a period of time not less than 20 years. These are more reasons why you need to watch T stock very closely.

The telecommunications industry is one of the few ones which benefit a lot and more directly from technological advancements. As one of the exclusive carriers on Apple’s iPhone, together with Verizon Communications, AT&T Inc is expected to continue enjoying huge revenues from more than one source. Its competitors may be quite active looking at new ways of reducing costs and introducing innovative products, but investors have every reason to count on and trust AT&T Inc to continue delivering the best results like it has always done.

As a long term investment, nothing comes better than AT&T Inc. The fact that it pays good dividend without fail every single year, is an added bonus.

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