Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) – It is not a hidden fact anymore that Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is enjoying a stellar year in 2013. Things appear to be going very well for this company which was founded in 1903 and operates from its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. It develops, manufactures, distributes and services vehicles, as well as their parts and accessories. It offers these services all over the world, in both North and South America, in addition to Asia Pacific, Russia, Turkey, and Europe. It is a major player in the consumer goods sector as well as the auto manufactures industry where it has employed more than 177k full time employees.

How is F Performing on the International Market?

Every single aspects and facet of F’s operations is currently experiencing positive growth on a month by month basis. It may not be as aggressive as General Motors in terms of carrying out marketing ventures into new markets such as China, but it has opted to take a more cautious approach in how it does its thing. On the international market, F is already performing remarkably well with its EcoSport model and this is helping it to achieve its goal. There are indications that it will soon start to experience huge and substantive growth in the local market as well.

Factors responsible for F’s Impressive Performance

Ford Motor Corporation’s business, has taken on a holistic approach and this has led to the improvement that it being witnessed everywhere. There isn’t a single part of the business which has not been worked on to make it better in some way. As these activities were put in place, this led to improved cash flow and balance sheet which has, therefore, placed F in a better position financially. This is set to continue benefiting Ford in many years to come, if the same standards are maintained and the end result is that the investors in this business will get their money back.


Figure showing F’s past and projected future net profits.

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It is quite amazing that Ford’s products have enjoyed huge demand and success in North America. F’s foundation for success and expansion has been given a major boost in the North American market. The reliance that Ford already has with its U.S market, has given it the platform with which to focus on improving some of its products such as Lincoln. It is worth noting that Lincoln hasn’t performed as impressively as its competitors in the luxury car models have. F may not have enjoyed stellar performance with the international market, but at least it managed to break even.

Ford enjoys a certain reputation with its customers, especially in the international market. This brand image it has created continues to help it in many ways as it embarks on establishing a more profitable venture. Internationally, customers are willing to invest in its products because of the image they have in their minds about quality standards which F vouches for and applies rigorously. However, this doesn’t mean that F has achieved everything it set out to, and that there is no need for improvements. On the contrary, the company is passionate about undertaking improvements across all its operations.

All the factors indicated here, are sufficient proof of just how important it is to invest in F stock for any investor prepared to undertake such ventures. I would strongly recommend it to anyone based on the performance of F thus far, and the potential for growth as seen in its projections.

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