Tomahawk, WI 8/09/2013 (Basicsmedia) – JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM), unlike BAC, is doing quite well together with other financial institutions such as Wells Fargo. While some financial institutions, especially the large ones in the U.S and the world, continue to report losses and struggle post-financial crisis which started in 2008, JPM and a few others appear to be doing quite well. JPM was affected by the financial crisis which was reportedly caused when the Lehman Brothers collapsed, but it seems to be on a mend, and is not just declaring profits, but is thriving. Here, we take a look at factors which might be causing this.

Why Has JPM Increased Its Dividends?

Recently, JPM reported that its revenue had increased by 14%, while the earnings per share had seen a growth of around 32%. You can tell how much a company feels confident about its future by the amount of money it issues to its shareholders as dividend. When a company increases the dividend it pays to its shareholders, there is no doubt at all as to the fact that they are almost bullish about their future and see a period of sustained growth and increased profits. Well, this is what JPM has done, and is a clear indication that the future is indeed bright, if not stellar.

This is a clear indication to any investor who may not have been convinced by JPM as an investment option, that this is the best bank to invest with. Instead of taking your investments into other institutions which can’t avoid getting into troubles time after time again, JPM is a safer option, and guarantees profits and higher dividends thus adequate returns on investment. This is what you need for your portfolio to thrive and continue enjoying positive growth. A company with positive cash flow, such as JPM, is one which you should invest in without a lot of worries.


The above image, courtesy of, compares

JPM’s Net Income with that of Wells Fargo.

I would even be willing to advice any investor reading this article, to get out of BAC stock and invest in JPM. This is a bank whose future is as close to being guaranteed as it is humanly possible. Whereas JPM is raking in huge profits, other banks and financial institutions are struggling and yet to get back on their feet after the period of financial crisis which started in 2008. JPM has done everything it could to steady its ship and this has seen a good performance in the market, thereby, making it easier for JPM to reward its investors with better dividend.

JPM’s Steady Financial Base

JPM is not on a shaky financial footing like some of its competitors in the market. It is far from being on a shaky foundation or base, thus, presenting a wonderful investment option for everyone interested in its stock. The company is still able to attract new customers, while the older ones have no problem with continuing to increase their investments with this bank. If there is any other form of vote of confidence out there, let me hear about it.

When investors continue increasing their investments with a company, it shows that they firmly believe in its present and future and willing to put their money where their mouths are.

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